Kim Kardashian West, Cher & Naomi Campbell Team Up

Kim Kardashian West, Cher, and Naomi Campbell are three of the greatest female icons of the past 50 years. Fans were stunned and delighted to see them work together for a photo shoot for CR Fashion Book. They each posed as bikers, proving they each mastered the photo shoot like no other.

Thanks to the photo shoot, fans got to learn a little more about these three superstars. Each opened up about causes close to their hearts. West also opened up about working with Cher and Campbell.

Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Taschen

Kim Kardashian West and company open up about causes that matter to them

The photo shoot was incredibly glamorous. However, there was more to this new issue of CR Fashion Book than just glamour. People reports each of the women involved with the shoot talked about social activism in some way.

West discussed her newfound interest in the justice system. She said becoming a mother made her want to change our society. The more she learned about the current system, the more she felt it was wrong and wanted to change it.

Naomi Campbell posing for CR Fashion Book

Cher, on the other hand, discussed being politically outspoken on Twitter. She said she always wants to stand up for what you believe in even if she gets her “*ss kicked” on social media. Cher added that, while she’s no pacifist, she’s gentle and morally upright.

Campbell discussed her AIDS activism. She recalled what it was like when a fashion stylist she knew named Ray Petri got the disease. She was upset by how those around Petri treated him. The experience of seeing Petri suffer changed her life.

Campbell said “Since then, I’ve been a supporter of AIDS research and finding a cure. It’s something I’m still fight for today. It’s been nearly two and a half decades. I do believe that there is a cure.”

Kim Kardashian West and Cher dish on each other

Kim Kardashian West and Cher posing as motorcyclists.

The shoot wasn’t all serious. West gushed over her experience on Instagram. “A whole cover with @Cher!!!! Now you know Cher is my style icon of life so shooting this was a dream come true! (My other style icon @naomi was on set too).”

West added she liked sharing the pictures with her fans. She also said the shoot made her feel “like Mermaids.” Perhaps West was referring to the mythical sea creatures which populate Disney films. More likely, she was referring to Mermaids, a 1990s comedy film which stands as one of Cher’s biggest cinematic hits.

Cher sees Kim Kardashian West as her little sister

West is apparently a fan of Cher. In turn, Cher is apparently a fan of West. In 2017, Business Insider reports West posted a picture of herself dressed as Cher online. Cher was flattered.

Cher reacts to Kim Kardashian West mimicking her.

On Twitter, Cher wrote she loved the picture. She also brought up her and West’s shared Armenian heritage in a complimentary way. She said “My Little Armenian Sister did us both Proud.”

West is a big fan of fellow icon Cher. Working with Cher was a dream come true. Although she never publicly commented on the aforementioned tweet, it must have been amazing for West to see one of her icons refer to her as her “little sister.”

West, Cher, and Campbell are three queens of glamor. They each brought their best to the CR photo shoot. They also proved how even something as simple as a photo shoot can be infused with some social consciousness.

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