Kim Kardashian West is ‘Obsessed’ With This Celebrity’s Perfume

Kim Kardashian West might have just launched her own new perfume collection, but that doesn’t mean she can’t support her friends. Kardashian West loves showing off her products on Instagram (as any marketing-savvy person would), but her latest Instagram story took a break from her own products to show some love for another celebrity’s scent.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Presley Ann/Getty Images for ABA

Kardashian West has built an incredible brand for herself

Kardashian West has had a pretty incredible life. She started out as a reality television star, and while she still holds that job title, she’s added a lot more to her resume. Over the years, Kardashian West has turned to modeling, which is how she made the majority of her money up until she launched her brands. The modeling, combined with her reality television fame, allowed her to gain a massive fan base, which served as the main line of success for her brands that followed. In 2017, Kardashian West launched KKW Beauty, a makeup line that originally focused on contour kits. She then launched KKW Fragrance that same year, and since then, both brands have grown tremendously. In September 2019, she launched her new shapewear line, Skims.

She has posted nonstop about her new perfumes

Kardashian has a massive social media platform; as of November 2019, she had 151 million followers and counting. And at the beginning of the month, Kardashian posted almost nonstop about her new line of fragrances hitting shelves on November 8. The Kardashian sisters love collaborating for their various brands, including Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand, and whenever the sisters have something to promote together, fans see a ton of it prior to its launch. Kardashian West made headlines earlier this year when she released her new shapewear line, but she clearly hasn’t slowed down with her other brands, either.

She just told her followers she’s ‘obsessed’ with Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U Next’ perfume

Though she’s been plugging her own perfume quite a bit, Kardashian West took time out of her day on November 12 to obsess over Ariana Grande’s fragrance, Thank U Next. She posted a video to her Instagram story of her opening Grande’s perfume box. “Oh my gosh, how cute,” Kardashian West said of the “Thank U Next” meets “Mean Girls” packaging. “I am obsessed,” she added. It’s nice to see Kardashian West supporting other celebrities’ brands, since she sees so much love from others about her own.

Kim Kardashian West promotes Ariana Grande's fragrance
Kim Kardashian West promotes Ariana Grande’s fragrance | Kim Kardashian West via Instagram

Kardashian West has made plenty of celebrity friends through the years

If Kardashian West has anyone to thank for her fame, it’s celebrity heiress Paris Hilton. The two women are still close, but they were BFFS when Kardashian West was just getting her start. Since then, the beauty mogul has gone on to make plenty of new celebrity friends, including marrying rapper Kanye West and befriending Ariana Grande. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are also incredibly supportive of each other; they’re now one of the most famous families in the world, and they love to give each other a boost in promotion whenever anyone is coming out with a new product or launching a new brand. They’ve truly had each other’s backs from the start, and we’re always excited to see what they’ll do next.