Kim Kardashian West Reveals If She’d Rather Have Fame or Fortune

Kim Kardashian West is easily one of the most famous people on the planet. On Instagram alone, the 39-year-old mogul boasts a whopping 153.2 million followers making her the fifth most followed person on the planet. Kardashian West has certainly used her immense fame to further her success. In addition to the reality show that she has with her family, the mom of four also runs several highly successful businesses including KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, and her newest venture, a shapewear line called SKIMS. But, if given the choice between her intense fame and her good fortune, which one would the reality TV star choose?

Kim Kardashian West talks fame and fortune
Kim Kardashian West | Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

One could argue that Kardashian West’s fame is what gave her the incredible platform to increase her fortune, but the SKIMS owner seems to readily disagree with that sentiment. In a recent interview with The Cut, Kardashian West revealed that her work ethic is to thank for her success and if she was given the choice, she’d always pick fortune over fame.

Fame vs. fortune

“If you asked me to pick fame or fortune, I would not pick fame. It’s always been about working hard and making money. I never didn’t work hard. I had a job all through high school, always worked and was always proud to work, whether in a clothing store or for my dad. I never wanted an easy ride or a free ticket,” the 39-year old shared. Contrary to popular belief, making money as a businesswoman has always been a goal of Kardashian West’s because of the way in which she was raised.

How the mogul’s grandmother contributed to her successful perfume and makeup businesses

From a young age, the KKW Beauty owner saw women modeling strong entrepreneurial behavior for her. Much like herself, her grandmother and great-grandmother had strong interests in fashion and luxury products. “We always saw my grandma work, and my grandfather stayed home. He was a stay-at-home grandpa. My great-grandmother started a candle shop, and my mom used to work there. And then my grandmother started a kids’-clothing store, which she just gave that up last year. I worked for her in the summer, rolling up all the money and counting it for her and taking it to the bank,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recalls.

Kris Jenner set an example for her kids

While Kardashian West didn’t see her mother, Kris Jenner, working outside of the home from a young age, she learned a valuable lesson about struggle and reinvention from the momager later in her life. “But my mom didn’t work for the majority of my life, until my parents got a divorce and she had to figure it out. And she became Bruce’s manager and agent. I saw her work really hard at that. But I also saw her struggle, trying to figure out how she was going to put her kids through private schools. We grew up with privilege, but it was never handed to us,” the KKW Fragrance CEO shared.

We have no doubts that Kardashian West’s fame has attributed to her success. However, there’s certainly more to her success than just that. The mogul has a knack for marketing and PR and using her personality to secure a very loyal fanbase. She also appears to work hard on the projects that she is passionate about, which is obviously a trait that was passed down to her by the women in her family. While she may be willing to give up fame in lieu of fortune, we can all agree that the two work well in tandem with each other.