Kim Kardashian Would Love to Teach Her Kids This One Important Thing

Kim Kardashian appears like a woman who has it all, but it took her quite a bit of work to get where she is. Not only is she a model, reality television personality, and successful entrepreneur, but she’s also the wife of a rap legend and the mother of three young children.

As a mother, she wants to set a good example for her children in all the best ways. But of all the amazing advice that Kardashian could give her children, a recent interview revealed one important piece of knowledge she’d most like to impart on them.

What one important thing does Kim Kardashian want to teach her kids?

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Kardashian revealed in an interview with Elle that she hopes her children learn to stay true to themselves in their future careers and personal lives. When negotiating contracts, business deals, or even life matters, she wants her children to stay authentic to what they really believe in. This is something that she hopes not only her children learn from her, but also her fans and younger sisters.

Kardashian also wishes that she’d had the courage to say “no” to certain things she really didn’t believe in when first starting out in her career. She understands it was necessary to be successful at the time and feels that “there was power in learning from everything and trying it all… Now of course I look back, and although I love that phase of my life and I learned so much going through it.”

In fact, Kardashian feels so strongly about the importance of what she had to do that she suggests for someone just starting out their own careers to “start off by saying yes to everything.

Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Kris Jenner

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Kardashian also talked about her own mother during that same interview, and about how fortunate she was to have her by her side. By her words, it’s obvious that Kardashian hopes to be the kind of mother to her children that Kris Jenner was to hers.

Kardashian revealed that she is “very fortunate that my mom and I have worked together from the very beginning of my career. She is the best negotiator… I didn’t have that loud personality in the beginning that allowed me to negotiate for myself. I was really insecure about how to negotiate for myself, and so I would always look to her to show me how to do that for myself.”

Kim Kardashian’s kids will still know the importance of things

It may seem like Kardashian’s children would grow up spoiled and entitled since both of the children’s parents are incredibly rich — the kids will certainly never want for anything. But according to Kardashian, that isn’t the way she wants her children raised. Instead, she wants them to know the importance of things like having a job and earning their own money.

She may not have always felt that way, but Kardashian took on a whole new outlook on life after she was attacked and robbed in Paris during 2016. Now, she feels as though money is not everything: she’s just thankful to still be alive to raise her children.

Kim Kardashian wants her children to be themselves

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Another important factor for Kardashian is that her children are free to be themselves, no matter who that might be. This includes allowing the children to choose their own clothes and picking out hobbies or activities that are interesting to them. This is definitely a great alternative to trying to force a child to act or dress like a mini-mom or mini-dad.