Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Presidents Might Surprise You

Kim Kardashian might be known for her tight relationship with President Donald Trump, but he’s not the only commander-in-chief that has caught her attention. Over the years, the KKW Beauty star has commented on a number of presidents, expressing her adoration and respect for some of the most highly ranked (and controversial) American leaders. Don’t remember? Then let’s take a look at a few of Kim Kardashian’s favorite presidents.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

John F. Kennedy

The reality star told The Guardian in a 2012 interview that Kennedy is her “favorite politician of all time.” The comments aren’t necessarily surprising, as Kennedy tends to rank among the best U.S. presidents.

During his tenure from 1961 to 1963, Kennedy created the Peace Corps, supported the Civil Rights Movement, worked to improve relations between the United States and Latin America, and more. But, sadly, his presidency was cut short when he was assassinated in 1963.

George W. Bush

Kardashian made this revelation in front of GQ reporters in 2016 while playing a round of F*ck, Marry, Kill with a group of girlfriends for her app. (And no, we’re not kidding.) The options included Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. 

Her friend, Malika Haqq, did not hesitate to make her choices, saying she would marry Obama, do you-know-what with Clinton, and kill Bush, to which Kardashian replied, “But I love George.”

GQ reports that the room immediately went silent, and people immediately advised Kardashian to retract her comments. “I love George, though,” Kim said sadly. “I just think he’s cute. Like a cute little president. … And the [Bush] kids sent us a baby gift. Let me think about it.”

In the end, the comments did not make the video, which probably saved Kardashian from lots of criticism. While Bush had several bright spots during his presidency, including the capture of Saddam Hussein, he’s faced criticism for initiating the Iraq War, as well as his handling of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina — a moment that prompted Kanye West to say on live television that Bush didn’t “care” about black people.

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Barack Obama

Obama is actually the first candidate Kim Kardashian ever voted for. “I loved being part of that decision-making process, but I never voted in prior years when I was legally eligible. I don’t know why,” she told The Guardian. 

She did not elaborate on what made her vote for him, but the two share similar interests. Like Obama, Kardashian has advocated for LGBTQ issues, criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, and more. 

So, of course, she was sad to see him leave office. She told Obama in a 2017 note shared to her website that he would be “missed.”

Donald Trump

And here we have arguably the most controversial president on this list. While it’s unclear whether Kardashian likes Trump’s policies and proposals, she does love his willingness to work on criminal justice reform. Fans will remember that Trump supported her efforts to secure the release of several inmates, including Alice Marie Johnson, and A$AP Rocky.

“I know I got so many times people would say to me, ‘Don’t go to the White House, your career will be over, don’t go there,’” she told CNN’s Van Jones in April about critics who tried to steer her away from working with the Trump administration.

“And I just kind of weighed the decision where it was like … to save a life or to get maybe bad tweets about me or a bad news story for a few days. I guarantee you the people sitting behind bars do not care who the president is. They just want that relief. And so if I could have done that, I don’t care,” she continued.

Candidates she’s supported

Kardashian has expressed her support for several other politicians who did not win the presidency. She told The Guardian that she was interested in Republican candidate Mitt Romney during his 2008 race against Obama. However, she ultimately “put off Mitt Romney because of his stance against gay marriage.”

She also supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during her 2016 race against Trump. Kardashian said in a statement that Clinton’s views on hot topics like gun control and reproductive rights ultimately aligned more with her own opinions.

With the upcoming election around the corner, maybe we’ll see Kardashian embrace another candidate. You’ll have to stay tuned for that. But, for now, you can read more on her political interests here.