Kit Harington Just Described Jon Snow’s Final Scene on ‘Game of Thrones’

The final season of Game of Thrones has begun, and already it’s too much to handle. During the Season 8 premiere, “Winterfell” — Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen arrive in Winterfell with the Unsullied and Dothraki at their sides. However, they aren’t exactly welcomed by Jon’s sister Sansa Stark and the rest of the suspicious Northerners. A lot was revealed in the Season 8 premiere –but perhaps the most shocking was Samwell Tarly telling Jon that he is Aegon Targaryen.

With the Army of the Dead and the Night King marching towards Winterfell –Jon falling more in love with Dany even though they’re related, and the revelation that he is the true heir to the Iron Throne are all going to have significant consequences in the final five episodes. In fact —Kit Harington who plays Jon on the series just described his final scene ever.

This is how Kit Harington described Jon Snow’s final scene on Game of Thrones

After spending a year in Belfast filming the final season of Game of Thrones –Kit Harington was exhausted. He told Instyle, “For the last couple of seasons I’ve done more days than anyone else because of the nature of my character. There are just a lot of the battles and the action sequences. I think I got my final day changed about 18 times, to the point where I didn’t know when it was. I was like, ‘Just don’t tell me.’” He went on to describe the former Bastard of Winterfell’s final scene in detail saying,

I had that final scene, which was very average I was just walking somewhere with Liam [Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth] and Jacob [Anderson, who plays Grey Worm]. It couldn’t have been more of a wet fart of a scene. But I completely broke down after it. You don’t feel one thing; you feel a hundred. Sadness. Elation. Excitement. Dread, definitely.

This is how Kit Harington reacted when he read the script for the series finale of Game of Thrones

Harington almost lost it when he finished reading the script for the final episode of Game of ThronesHe explained on The One Show:

I cried at the end. You have to remember that eight years of it, no one really cares about it more than us. It’s been an institution longer than any other institution I’ve been in. School, drama school, anything. I get a bit weepy thinking about it. It’s going to be a strange year saying goodbye to everyone and having last scenes with this person and that person. Not only you’re attached to it, loads of people around the world are attached to it

What are Kit Harington’s plans once the series finale of Game of Thrones airs?

Because he was under immense pressure for he almost the past decade when it came to presenting Jon Snow to the world, we’d think Harington would want a nice long rest. However, the actor –who is married to The Good Fight actress Rose Leslie says he has other plans. He told Instyle, “I’m always going to be ‘that guy.’ For all its wonderful things, it brings difficult things too. The most important job I’ll ever have is about to finish … Well, not the most. Hopefully, I’ll be a father.”

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