Kit Harington Talks ‘GoT’ Co-Star Emilia Clarke’s “Filthy Mind”

While Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke make the perfect on-screen couple (until recently) as Jon Snow and Danaerys Targaryen, their relationship in real life – rather than boiling with romance – is defined by dark humor and a close-knit, yet platonic, bond.

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke
Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke | Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Kit Harington plays the dreamy Jon Snow with an unwavering sense of honor and a strong moral compass. Tough in the face of adversity, yet loving and protective of his family, Jon Snow is one of the most romanticized characters on Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke plays the brave and determined Danaerys; ruling with a quiet air of confidence and poise, she is a force to be reckoned with, but merciful when need be. Together, she and Snow are a balanced duo, yet recent events have put the future of their relationship in question.

While fans may not know what’s in store for Jon and Danaerys, one thing is for certain regarding the actors who portray them: their friendship will likely endure way past the series finale. And, as for one of the reasons the two actors initially hit it off: Kit Harington cites the actress’s humorous and dirty mind.

Kit Harington on his relationship with ‘Game of Thrones’ co-star Emilia Clarke and her “wicked sense of humor”

When discussing Emilia Clarke’s nature and personality, Kit Harington, referencing a sex scene during which Emilia Clarke struggled to keep it together, told Elle Magazine, “Emilia is so sweet, so giving, but she also has a filthy, filthy mind when she wants to.” It appears that Clarke is an advocate for a witty dirty joke or innuendo, which always makes for enjoyable tit-for-tat conversation.

Kit Harington explained to Elle Magazine that, when he first saw Emilia Clarke, he was blown away by the actress’s beauty, calling her an “absolutely stunning” woman before going on to reference her “wicked sense of humor” as the reason the two hit it off, stating that they became “very fast friends very quickly.”

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington share a special bond outside ‘Game of Thrones’

Though many fans wish Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington were a romantic couple in real life, both stars have – more than once – explained that they are great friends. Though convincing the world that there’s more to their off-screen dynamic then they’re willing to reveal – as their on-screen chemistry is palpable to a fault – the two share similar origin stories and look to each other for advice and guidance.

Emilia Clarke, according to Harper’s Bazaar, explained to Variety that she often turns to Harington when she wants to know how he plans to handle a certain scene. The two trust each other and share parallel journeys to fame. Both Clark and Harington graduated drama school and were quickly thrown into the limelight at stars on HBO’s most popular show.

Clarke has explained in the past that they’ve both done bad projects and they’ve both done good projects, but they always come back to Game of Thrones.

What are Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke’s plans following ‘Game of Thrones?’

In 2017, Kit Harington landed the role of Robert Catesby in the TV miniseries Gunpowder. The show focused on a British activist and a group of provincial English Catholics who were planning to blow up of the House of Lords and kill James I.  He also starred in The Death and Life of John F. Donovan in 2018.

Harington most recently provided the voice for Eret in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, as well as for Sir Gadabout in Zog. While upcoming projects have yet to be announced, Harington likely has a future filled with TV and movie roles awaiting.

Emilia Clarke is set to star in Last Christmas and Above Suspicion. The former is in post-production while filming on the latter is complete; both are slated to hit theaters later this year. While starring in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke also appeared in Me Before you, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Thunderbirds Are Go.