Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Why She Invites Sofia Richie on Family Trips

Kourtney Kardashian never wants anyone to feel left out, especially Sofia Richie.

While the two women didn’t start off on the best of terms, they have come to really enjoy each other’s company.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

So much so that Richie is frequently spotted vacationing with Kardashian, Disick, and their three children.

While many people have found this to be a little weird, the reality star recently revealed the main reason why she makes an effort to invite the model on family trips.

Kardashian doesn’t want Richie to feel uncomfortable

Kourtney Kardashian has never been one to exclude a person from family events.

The reality star is big on making everyone feel involved, even Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

When Disick first started dating Richie, Kardashian wasn’t too keen on her ex being in a relationship with someone 15-years his junior.

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ello govna

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Kardashian eventually realized how deeply Richie cared for Disick and their children and decided to give her a chance.

As a way to get to know Richie more, Kardashian started spending time with her and Disick and has even invited the model on family trips to make her feel included.

In a sneak peek clip from the new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the mom of three reveals to her sister, Khloe Kardashian, that she invited Disick and Richie, on her family’s spring break trip to Finland. 

Since Disick has invited the reality star on trips he’s taken with their kids and Richie in the past, Kardashian wanted to return the favor.

“Well, I mean, we’ve traveled together already,” Kardashian reminds her sister.

“That’s nice of you,” KoKo says. “You are such a great co-parenter.”

The eldest Kardashian sibling then explains that despite any past awkwardness, the three of them have established a healthy relationship.

“They don’t make me feel like I’m left out, which is nice,” she says. “Or else I wouldn’t go or invite her to come.”

The Good American mogul then asks, “has anyone asked how she feels?”

“I mean, I haven’t,” the Poosh founder responds. “I feel like that’s up to them to have their conversations about… I’m not here to try to make anybody feel uncomfortable.”

Things are still a little awkward between Kardashian, Disick, and Richie

While traveling together was a little awkward at first, Kardashian has come to really enjoy vacationing with Disick and Richie.

Despite Disick being extremely uncomfortable during their trip to Finland, Kardashian has said in the past that traveling with her ex and his girlfriend is “really fun and easy.”

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What more can a guy ask for. THREE’S COMPANY

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“I know we don’t have to travel together, and I don’t think we’ll take every trip together, but it was totally not awkward,” she said during a June episode of KUWTK. “We are doing our best to make everything feel super normal for the kids.”

Kardashian and Disick are mainly doing this so that their kids can enjoy family time with both parents.

The former couple has been adamant on maintaining a friendly relationship in order to make co-parenting run smoothly.

So while there is still a little awkwardness between Kardashian, Disick, and Richie, they are working toward making sure no one feels uncomfortable during family vacations.