Kourtney Kardashian Swears By A Keto Diet To ‘Look and Feel Her Best’, But It Might Not Be Safe

It’s hard to exist in the world today and not know at least one person who’s “doing keto.” The high fat, low carb diet is all the rage right now, with followers showing off incredible weight loss results all over Instagram and other social media platforms.

It seems like everyone is following the keto diet—including Kourtney Kardashian. The health-conscious reality star recently revealed on her Poosh website that she’s ready to kick carbs to the curb once again.

“We wait all year for summer, and when it finally rolls around, I want to look and feel my best,” Kardashian wrote in a post. “… I’ve been treating myself lately and really want to get back on track, so I’ve committed myself to keto for the next month.”

But even though fans are envious and awed by Kourtney’s rock-hard bod, they also expressed some concern over the safety of being keto. Here are some potential flaws in the keto diet.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for The Syrian American Medical Society

What is the keto diet?

Like the formerly popular Atkins diet, going keto means cutting carbs to shockingly low numbers—most people eat fewer than 50 carbs per day to reach a state of ketosis, which is when the body starts burning fat for energy instead of carbs.

But staying keto isn’t just about protein—instead, followers have to consume plenty of healthy fats like those found in fish, oils, nuts, eggs, and avocados. People following the keto diet eat lots of meat, cheese, and vegetables, too. One thing they don’t eat? Carbs of any kind, including pasta, breads, beans, and even fruit.

Why is Kourtney doing the keto diet?

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With summer finally here, Kourtney is ready to improve upon her already enviable figure.

“My body never looked better than when I did the keto diet two and half years ago, when I did it for two months,” she explained in her post. “In my experience, I’ve found the best method to train my body to curb sugar cravings, burn fat, and kick-start weight loss is by sticking to a keto diet.”

Fans are slightly concerned about the keto diet

The keto fad is fully here, but some Kar-Jenner fans expressed their skepticism over the safety of such an extreme diet. Besides just bad breath and the so-called “keto flu,” which includes flu-like symptoms in the very beginning of the diet, there are other concerns for nutrition on the keto diet.

People doing keto risk skipping vital nutrients if they don’t eat the right foods. Plus, intermittent fasting, which is popular in the keto community, can lead to malnourishment in general if the person doesn’t eat enough calories in a day.

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Kourtney is doing keto right

But it sounds like Kourtney is doing the diet right since she mentioned talking to her doctor about the diet in the past.

“My doctor actually put me on the keto diet a couple of years ago for a metal detox,” she clarified. “He tested my muscles and found that I had high levels of mercury and lead in my system. He let me know that one of the fastest ways to detox was to keep my body in a state of ketosis. I would check my blood sugar and ketone levels every morning to make sure I was on track.”

As long as Kourtney is being monitored this time by medical professionals, there’s no reason to think she can’t achieve an even better summer beach bod and tons of confidence, too!