Kris Jenner Just Brought Stormi Webster The Most Iconic Christmas Gift

Kylie Jenner’s 1-year-old daughter Stormi is already having a better Christmas than the rest of us. If your mom is a billionaire and your dad is one of the biggest rap stars in the world, you can pretty much have whatever your heart desires.

However, it appears that Stormi’s grandmother, Kris Jenner — whom she calls Lovey, won the best Christmas gift award this year.

Jenner got her granddaughter a luxury playhouse that is bigger than most New York apartments, and we have no choice put to stan.

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storm’s first snow trip ⚡️

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Kylie Jenner’s special Christmas tradition for Stormi

Before Kris Jenner’s epic present — the Kylie Beauty mogul made sure to introduce her daughter to a special Christmas tradition. First, Jenner decked out her massive Calabasas home with a ton of holiday decor from Target — including one of the biggest trees that she could find.

However, Jenner’s goal for her tree decor was to recreate the type of Christmas tree she had as a child. “I love this because I wanted Stormi to kind of experience what I used to experience growing up, and all the amazing memories that I have,” she explained in a YouTube video. “These ornaments my mom had, and I used to love sitting by the tree… they’re all different, and just looking at them. I wanted the same thing for Stormi so I got all of these ornaments for her. They’re so traditional.”

Kylie Jenner gives back each year around the holidays

In addition to her North Pole-type decor — Jenner also makes sure to give back to the less fortunate each year. The makeup mogul teamed up with her mom to drive her Kylie Truck to San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission where they provided meals, drinks, and toys to those in need.

“I had such a great time meeting all those people and just seeing everybody so happy as we left made the rest of my year,” she explained in her YouTube video description. “My mom and I took the Kylie Truck to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. Thank you so much to the incredible team at the mission, and to Health Nut and Pressed Juicery for providing meals and drinks for the families. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!”

Inside Stormi’s massive playhouse

One of the highlights of Jenner’s holiday was watching her mom gift her daughter with a massive playhouse that she set up in the back year. Apparently, the younger Jenner had the exact same home when she was a little girl and her mom found her old furniture and had Stormi’s decorated in the same way. The outside of the house says, “Welcome Friends” on the front, something Jenner immediately recognized. “This makes me wanna cry!” she said when she saw it.

The luxe playhouse boasts a working doorbell, a patio and balcony, a loft, a kitchen set, and our favorite part — a faux fireplace. The playhouse is so massive that even Stormi was a bit overwhelmed when she said it. The KarJenner matriarch explained, “This just reminds me of when you were a little girl. “I love you so much. I want you to have the same memories with your daughter.”

In the end, Stormi was positively delighted by her gift. Entering the playhouse she exclaimed “Wow!” at every turn before thanking her grandmother with the sweetest, “Thank you, Lovey!” we’ve ever heard.