Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Have To One-Up The Jonas Brothers In Their House

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of Hollywood’s favorite couples. They’re always telling funny stories about each other and their hilarious children, Delta and Lincoln. Maybe it’s because Bell and Shepard have had such funny and endearing roles, or maybe it’s because they’re so great in interviews, but they’re just so lovable.

But for their kids, being famous doesn’t mean too much to them, especially in a world where the Jonas Brothers exist. 

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell at the SiriusXM Studios.
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell at the SiriusXM Studios | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Bell and Shepard’s kids are big Jonas Brothers fans

Bell went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show while Ken Jeong was guest-hosting Nov. 8, and she talked about how her daughters were major Jonas Brothers fans. She came out right after father-daughter viral sensations Nick and Sienna sang “Sucker.

“They’re very big in our house,” Bell said. “We’re always trying to tell our kids, ‘Look, we’re very cool. You don’t think that right now, but let me just tell you something—we’re really cool,’ and they’re like, ‘No.'”

Now everyone competes with the Jonas Brothers

Bell is on the hit show The Good Place and Shepard has his popular podcast Armchair Expert, but that’s no match for the crooners Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas when it comes to Bell’s kids. But no worries; Shepard knows just how to combat the brothers. 

“My husband…makes good pancakes or [when he] lifts something heavy, he’ll always look at them and go, ‘Ooh the Jonas Brothers wish they could be me,'” Bell said. And now their daughters, fans themselves, are doing it too. 

“My littlest—she was on the swing, and she jumped off at the height of the swing, and she landed on the ground, and we thought that she was going to cry and she turned around and looked at us and she goes, ‘the Jonas brothers wish they could be me,'” Bell shared. 

Their kids know they’re famous, but obviously not as important as the Jonas Brothers

The problem isn’t that the famous couple’s kids don’t know that their parents are well-known, because they do. “They know that Mom is Princess Anna from Frozen. They know that. They understand it,” Shepard told Stephen Colbert on his show in June. “They’ve been to set. They’ve seen us work. They have seen billboards around town. And people have taken photos of us when we’re out and about.”

Funny enough, Shepard continued and described how shocked one of their daughters was when he confirmed that they were famous. “But I was talking to my daughter, and she said, ‘Why do people listen to [your] podcast? Do they listen for you, or for Monica [Padman, his co-host]?’”

He patiently explained that it’s because he’s famous, and she responded with an astounding “You’re famous?!” You can imagine how much more her mind blew up when Shepard revealed that Bell’s “more famous than Dad.”

Bell and Shepard’s kids keep them on their toes

Of course, they’re a regular family, and the kids do ordinary things to annoy their parents. Bell also shared with Jeong on The Ellen Show that her daughters are big pranksters, which is “exhausting.” She likes that they’re delving into comedy, but she also shared that they dumped a lot of whatever onto her and Shepard’s mattress, which isn’t fun. 

So know that whether you’re Anna of Arendelle or not, your kids might just think the Jonas Brothers are still cooler than you.