Kristen Bell Dishes on Her Mental Health Routine That Helps Her Stay Sane

Kristen Bell has never been one to hold back. She’s told the world about her marriage, her kids, and yes, even the one time she thought she was going into labor, but, ahem, actually wasn’t.

So it’s no surprise that she’s been so open about her struggles with mental health. The Veronica Mars actress recently sat down with Women’s Health and shared strategies she uses to keep her from feeling out of sorts.

Kristen Bell on the red carpet
Kristen Bell | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kristen Bell’s battle with mental health

There’s no denying that mental health issues are still misunderstood. For many people, it’s easy to question how Kristen Bell, a popular, beautiful actress with a seemingly perfect family struggles with mental health issues. But mental health doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone.  

In 2016, Bell sat down with The Off the Camera Show and had an honest discussion about her own battles with mental health. She told host Sam Jones that she’s always had an intense need to be liked.

It wasn’t until recently that she realized that she would constantly be changing what she liked and how she acted in an effort to be liked by others. 

But her struggles went beyond a desire to be liked. The actress revealed that she struggles with anxiety and depression. When she was 18, her mother sat her down and told her how mental health issues run in her family.

Both Bell’s mother and grandmother each faced their own mental health issues. Her mother wanted her to be aware of the issues that run in the family and wanted her to know what to do if she ever felt like the world was closing in on her.  

The actress believes in being honest about her struggles

During her 2016 interview, Bell revealed that she began taking prescription medication to manage her issues at a young age and still takes them today. It was her mom that told her that people will want to shame her for taking medication, but that taking care of your mental health is no different than taking care of any physical ailment.

Bell admitted that she doesn’t often get the opportunity to talk about mental health, but it is not something that she is ashamed to discuss. 

She recently revealed her daily mental health routine

The Frozen 2 actress sat down with Women’s Health and discussed what she does to take care of herself. Bell’s routine is nothing elaborate or expensive. The actress relies on tools that the everyday person can use when they find themselves struggling. 

Bell told the magazine that exercise is a key part of taking care of her mental health. While the actress prefers to workout with a group of friends, any form of exercise is beneficial.

Bell said: “Exercise should be the first stop for anyone who experiences depression or anxiety because it encourages serotonin and endorphins.”

In addition to boosting her serotonin levels, the actress says going for a run is a big help when she is looking for a boost in confidence. 

Outside of exercise, the 39-year-old relies on her friends and CBD oil. Bell says that CBD oil helps her focus and turn off her “mental to-do list.”

As for her friends, they’re there for her when she needs to vent about her husband or anything else that is going wrong. Bell uses the app Marco Polo to connect with her girlfriends whenever she needs support or wants to get something off her chest.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D. says finding an effective way to cope like Bell does with her friends is a great tool for those moments where you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.