The Hilarious Way Kristen Bell Accidentally Started Her Own Pregnancy Rumors

Kristen Bell posted an innocent Instagram story of her 4-year-old daughter picking out her outfit for the day, and it quickly spun out of control into rumors that she and her husband, Dax Shepard, were expecting their third child. 

Read on to find out if there is any truth behind these rumors.

Kristen Bell
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Kristen Bell created a ‘Veronica Mars’ mini mystery with her social media account over the weekend

Bell often shares Instagram stories and posts about her family and two daughters, Lincoln, age 6, and Delta, age 4, although the children are never featured fully. She thought it would be comical to share what Delta had chosen for her mom’s “flatman” over the weekend, a white t-shirt that read, “Shhhh… Baby Asleep,” with an arrow pointing down, along with a red sparkly headband, and a chunky statement necklace. 

In the next clip, fans saw Bell wearing the outfit while holding a hand over her belly. Although she did not intend to spark such a debate, the questions quickly began rolling in, and they weren’t asking what a “flatman” is. (A “flatman” is the term the family coined when they lay out their clothing ensemble for the day.) 

Instead, everyone wanted to know when to expect the new little addition to the family. As the flood of questions began piling up, Bell decided to share an update to her previous story.

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She didn’t come right out and sing the song, but she may as well have. Later, she shared another video clip of her explaining to fans, “If it wasn’t apparent in my earlier stories, I’m not pregnant, no. I thought the joke was pretty obvious. I’m just being forced to wear this T-shirt today because when your kids pick out your clothes, you have to wear them.” 

Bell took the rumor in stride. Her and Shepard love adding a comedic twist to their stories about their two girls, it is no wonder the snafu didn’t bother them. For instance, when Lincoln was born in 2013, Bell announced her arrival with an adorable and playful little tweet, “My new roommate poops her pants and doesn’t pay rent…basically @daxshepard1 pre-sobriety :) welcome baby Lincoln.” 

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Do fans still believe that Bell and Shepard are pregnant with baby no. 3?

Bell and Shepard are very open about their family life, trials, and tribulations on social media. They often feature stories about their two girls, although they never show their faces. The couple has explained that they do not want the girls to grow up in the spotlight. They would rather let their daughters choose if they would like to be in the media when they are old enough. If they were expecting a new addition to their family, there is no reason why they would not share the news with their fans. 

The couple is fairly preoccupied, anyway. Bell is busy finishing her final scenes of the fourth and final season of The Good Place, which will premiere September 26, 2019, on NBC. Shepard has taken his podcast Armchair Expert on the road and is currently filming in front of live audiences.

Of course, they are also busy with their two little girls. We have a feeling Bell will think twice before sharing another Instagram story in that shirt.