Kristen Bell Says She’d Rather Go Through Labor Again Than Eat This One Food

Kristen Bell is currently the star of The Good Place — a show that is known for, among other things, its various food references. It just so happens that Bell is also a foodie herself. However, there is one food that you will never find the award-winning actress raving about because she would rather go through labor than eat it again.

Kristen Bell ate spicy chocolate for a good cause

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell | Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Earlier this year, Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, took on the Choco Challenge by eating a chocolate bar that contained the Black Reaper pepper, which is currently known as the spiciest pepper in the world.

“The Choco Challenge benefited the Prostate Cancer Foundation,” Bell shared on the YouTube series Hot Ones. “My husband’s a Prostate Cancer Foundation ambassador. He said they sent us some spicy chocolate and we’re gonna eat it. It’s sort of like the Ice Bucket Challenge – you know, inspire other people to eat it and then make a funny video.”

Bell and Shepard did post a video of themselves on social media unwrapping and trying the spicy chocolate. In the video, the couple seemed excited to eat the chocolate. Though afterward, they both clearly could not handle how spicy it was.

Bell even commented that the chocolate was “a hundred times worse” than what she expected. She, then, ended the video by saying: “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Kristen Bell would rather go through labor than eat spicy chocolate again

On Hot Ones, Bell went on to say that the chocolate was “without question, the hottest thing I have ever tasted in my life.” In fact, she shared that, since both she and her husband can generally handle spicy food well, they both did not think the Choco Challenge would have been difficult.

“We were so arrogant going into it,” Bell said. “We’re like, ‘This is cute. It’s for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. We’re gonna eat this, and it’s gonna be fun.”

Bell revealed that the spicy chocolate caused her body to have an “unbelievable sensation” inside it. Despite being able to handle other extremely spicy peppers, she could not handle the Black Reaper pepper.

“If I had the choice to do [the Choco Challenge] all over again or go through labor all over again, I’d choose labor,” Bell stated.

Kristen Bell has done many other things for charity as well

Bell does not just support charities once in a while when there is an internet challenge going around, she has made it a part of her life to be involved with various organizations and teaching her kids how to give back.

For instance, Bell is a proud animal activist. She has been forgoing meat since she was 11 years old and, these days, Bell supports a lot of animal shelters in California. She also works with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Other charities that Bell has supported include UNICEF, Invisible Children, and the Alzheimer’s Association. Additionally, she co-founded a line of snack bars that give back to a good cause. Called This Bar Saves Line, the business aims to donate a nutrition packet to a malnourished child with every bar sold.

When it comes to teaching her two young daughters to be charitable people, Bell shared that she tries to teach them small lessons whenever she can. She likes to take them with her whenever she does volunteering work to expose them to the different ways of giving back. At home, Bell also teaches them to donate toys that they don’t want to someone else.

“Charity teaches our kids that what we have is not who we are,” she said to “Material items can go, but acts of kindness, love, and giving must stay.”