Kristen Wiig Says She Doesn’t Like the Famous Food Poisoning Scene in ‘Bridesmaids’

One of the most famous scenes in Bridesmaids involves the lead characters becoming violently ill from food poisoning, but Kristen Wiig has just revealed that she was never a fan of this sequence.

Wiig was recently interviewed on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, where she discussed a wide variety of topics. At one point, Wiig talked about the downside of making female-centric comedies in Hollywood: that studio executives tend to want the women to behave like guys.

As an example of this, Wiig brought up the food poisoning scene in Bridesmaids, a movie that she co-wrote. Wiig said that she was told to add this scene into the movie and never wanted it there.

“The scene was not our idea and it was not in the original script and we didn’t love it,” Wiig told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was strongly suggested for us to put that in there. I didn’t want to see people shitting and puking.”

Kristen Wiig at the Golden Globe Awards

Kristen Wiig at the Golden Globes in 2015. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It was certainly surprising to hear Wiig put down her own film like this, especially since the scene she’s referring to was generally well-liked. On YouTube, the food poisoning sequence from Bridesmaids has been uploaded dozens of times and has racked up millions of views across all of these videos.

Wiig had previously made it known that she had some reservations about this scene. A 2011 profile of Wiig in The New York Times mentions that she was “wary” about some of the suggestions director Paul Feig and producer Judd Apatow made to her script, with the food poisoning scene being one example.

“We wrote the script, and we didn’t really have anything in that tone, and it seemed to be such a big statement,” Wiig told The New York Times.

The New York Times reported in that profile that Judd Apatow promised Kristen Wiig that if the scene didn’t work, they would cut it, and Wigg ultimately agreed it did work. In the years since, Wiig has evidently changed her mind, or she was not willing to say how she really felt about it until now.

Kristen Wiig at a screening of Zoolander 2

Kristen Wiig at a screening of Zoolander 2. | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Clearly, though, Wiig did not have such a bad time working with Paul Feig on Bridesmaids, as she went on to work with him again on 2016’s Ghostbusters, a movie that also featured its share of toilet humor.