‘BIP’: Kristian Haggerty Responds to Claim That She Dated Demi Burnett for Fame

It’s been a rough fall for former Bachelor in Paradise cast members. With multiple breakups in the past few weeks, only three couples remain together following a Summer on the beach. Though Bachelor Nation was upset by all of the breakups, they were most devastated by the split between Demi Burnett and her former fiancée, Kristian Haggerty. As the former couple was the first same-sex couple in the franchise’s history, they had quite a following rooting for their success.

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty
Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Kristian Haggerty and Demi Burnett split

Unfortunately, their whirlwind romance was short-lived. On October 31, 2019, both Haggerty and Burnett took to their respective Instagram pages to announce that they’d made the decision to split up. Posting identical statements, they thanked fans for their support but shared that ultimately they had to do what was best for them at this time. Since the split was announced, and even before, fans have accused both Haggerty and Burnett of faking their relationship for the sake of fame and publicity. But now, Haggerty is speaking out against those claims.

Haggerty’s most recent Instagram post

“Need a good smile? I’ve got the purrfect place for you @crumbs_whiskers,” Haggerty captioned a recent photo that she posted to her Instagram page. In the picture, the Bachelor in Paradise alum is surrounded by cats, holding an iced latte, and smiling for the camera. Though the photo quickly garnered attention, with over 27,000 likes, not all of the commentary was positive. One person quickly insinuated that Burnett was the only reason Haggerty had the necessary clout to promote places like the kitten cafe.

Bachelor in Paradise fans weigh in

“Gotta thank Demi for making you ‘famous'” one person commented on the post. While fans were quick to step up and defend Haggerty, she made sure to also take matters into her own hands. “Lol or respect the people who decided to see me for me and support,” the Florida native responded. “You are so right. Everyone who really sees you as you are…a kind, loving young woman with a beautiful and generous heart, and a bright smile…will be here to support you and follow your story because you have a beautiful future and a compelling story to follow. Ignore the negative comments and follow your dreams. Looks like you had a wonderful life before all of this drama. Stick with the people who really care about you and they will continue to stick with you,” a supportive fan commented back to Haggerty.

Losing followers

Other fans were curious as to why Haggerty was losing followers following her split with Burnett. Since her breakup with Burnett, Haggerty has lost over 2,000 followers on Instagram. “Does anyone know why shes losing followers ???” one Bachelor in Paradise fan wrote. Again, Haggerty quickly had the perfect response. “Don’t worry it doesn’t matter 😌 the real ones support through thick and thin,” Haggerty added, clearly understanding that follower count doesn’t define a person’s success.

Haggerty defends her engagement

But, those comments were far from the most insidious on Haggerty’s page. There were a fair amount of comments that declared that she and Burnett faked their entire relationship and feelings for one another for fame.”You did it all for publicity,” one critic wrote. “Lol. I wish that was the case,” Haggerty fired back, insinuating that her relationship with Burnett was very real. Of course, the only two people who know the truth about Haggerty’s relationship are Burnett and herself, so it’s great that she has taken it upon herself to shut down rumors about it.