Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About Her Brother’s Death in a Candid Moment

Kristin Cavallari opened up during a candid moment on Very Cavallari about one of the most challenging experiences of her life. While the mother of three has been involved in plenty of onscreen drama, from her time on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County to the opening of her business, Uncommon James, there is one traumatic event that the 32-year-old businesswoman rarely speaks about; the death of her brother Michael. During Very Cavallari, Kristin lamented that she wished she could hug her brother just one more time. She also shared a poignant message on the third anniversary of her sibling’s passing on Instagram in November.

What happened to Michael Cavallari

On November 27, 2015, Michael Cavallari’s car was found on the side of the highway in Utah. As an Orange County resident, Michael had no known reason for being in Utah. According to reports, Cavallari’s 2014 Honda civic was either involved in an accident or broke down. He was nowhere near the vehicle when a rancher happened upon it.

A full search for Cavallari launched hours after his car was discovered. According to E!. Then 30 years old, Michael is believed to have exited his vehicle and most likely died from exposure. The Utah high dessert experiences significant temperature swings, with nightly temperatures dropping into the 20s in November. If Michael was not properly dressed for the cold weather, hypothermia may have set in quickly.

While rumors swirled that he may have committed suicide, the Utah Medical Examiner ruled his death an accident. According to official reports, no drugs or alcohol were found in his system, and his body was recovered without trauma. Cavallari was nude when his body was found, further lending credence to the hypothermia theory. According to Weird Universe, paradoxical undressing is commonly the final stage of hypothermia.

Kristin was protective of her brother

While Michael was two years older than Kristin, sources reveal that the reality tv star was protective of her troubled sibling. The elder Cavallari had several brushes with the law before his disappearance and subsequent death. According to insiders, Kristin believed that Michael was misunderstood and always took care to ensure he was okay. 

Michael was last seen by law enforcement just five days before he went missing. An unnamed woman called Orange County police to report Michael Cavallari was standing outside her window with a shotgun. She alleged she had argued with the man earlier in the day, according to People. He was held by police briefly but released without incident. It is not known if the woman was a romantic partner or a stranger.

Did Kristin Cavallari’s brother experience a mental break prior to his death?

While Cavallari’s 2015 death was officially ruled accidental, there are some facts about his disappearance and the subsequent recovery of his body that are bizarre. For example, according to NBC Chicago, $18,000 in cash was found in a golf bag in Cavallari’s broken down vehicle. It is believed the money was the remnants of a $25,000 inheritance. A slew of electronics, including cell phones and laptops, were also found in the vehicle.

It is widely believed that the reality star’s brother was suffering from a mental health crisis in the days leading up to his disappearance. Cavallari allegedly told family and friends that Los Angeles gang members were after him shortly before he departed California. Police found no evidence to support the allegation.

Kristin appeared on Hollywood Medium in 2018 in an attempt to seek answers about Michael’s passing. The clairvoyant validated that Michael’s death was accidental and not intentional.