You Won’t Believe How Much Kurt Cobain’s Famous Sweater Just Went for at Auction

Nirvana’s famous Kurt Cobain was known for his snazzy sweaters he would wear. One cardigan in particular gained a lot of fame, just like its wearer. Cobain wore an iconic green and mohair sweater for Nirvana’s famous MTV’s “Unplugged” performance that happened back in 1993. You won’t believe how much it just went for at auction.

The most expensive sweater ever sold at auction

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain performs with Nirvana at a taping of MTV’s ‘Unplugged’ | Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

The historic piece of clothing hasn’t been cleaned since Cobain wore it last. It just sold at auction for an impressive $334,000 making it the most expensive sweater that’s ever been sold at an auction, which was posted on Julien’s Auction. The president of Julien’s Auction, Darren Julien, said the sweater is “the holy grail of any article of clothing that he ever wore.”

Kurt Cobain’s famous mohair sweater

Kurt Cobain's cardigan
Kurt Cobain’s cardigan | JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images

The unique find was brought in by a close friend to the Cobain family. It’s a size medium and features a blend of acrylic, mohair, and Lycra as well. It also has five button closures, but is actually missing one button. The cardigan sports two pockets on the outside for added comfort. There’s also an iconic burn hole and discoloration on each of the pockets.

Cobain’s guitar went up for auction as well

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain’s custom-built guitar | JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images

Kurt Cobain also had a famous Fender Mustang guitar that was custom made. Cobain played the guitar during Nirvana’s famous In Utero tour. It’s a unique turquoise and left-handed piece. It also went up for auction and actually did a little better than the cardigan. It sold for a massive $340,000 after being a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a number of years.

Kurt Cobain was a troubled and talented artist

Cobain was struggling inwardly with all the fame and publicity his band was receiving. He had problems with drugs that he couldn’t seem to get a handle on. His music was becoming more and more popular and he was getting worse. He purposely overdosed on drugs and landed in a coma before finally choosing to commit suicide.

Kurt Cobain committed suicide five months after the ‘Unplugged’ performance

Cobain committed suicide on April 5, 1994, at just 27 years old. It was only five months after the “Unplugged” set was filmed. Many people have seen the famous performance that Nirvana took part in and it has remained a crucial part of the grunge movement. Cobain arguably changed music forever and people still enjoy listening to Nirvana to this day.

Kurt Cobain killed himself with a shotgun in the guest house on his property. He left a suicide note and in it, he mentioned his fans as well as his wife and daughter, Frances Bean. Cobain’s death was ruled a suicide, but conspiracy theories abound that it was something much more than that.

Kurt Cobain may be gone, but it hasn’t stopped fans from enjoying his music and celebrating his legacy. He left a lasting mark on music and influenced countless artists that came after him. He’s still a celebrated member of the history of rock and always will be.