‘KUWTK’ Fans Are Convinced Kris Jenner Has a Kourtney and Scott Related Finale Planned

Creating drama to boost ratings for Keeping Up With the Kardashians is nothing new to the Kardashian clan. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been spotted together quite a bit lately.

After Scott’s recent breakup with Sofia Richie, he and Kourtney are looking closer than ever. Some fans believe that it’s all an act, however. They think Kris Jenner is behind the whole thing, orchestrating a false relationship to grab viewers’ attention before the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs. 

Kris Jenner
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Why did Kourtney and Scott break up? 

Kourtney and Scott met each other at a party in Mexico in 2006, and began dating soon after. When KUWTK premiered in 2007, the couple’s drama was aired for the world to see. Their arguments most commonly started because of Scott’s excessive partying and drinking. 

Despite the constant arguments and disagreements over Scott’s behavior, the couple had three children together. In 2009, Kourtney gave birth to their first child, Mason. His birth was aired during the season 4 finale. Mason was often a part of the show Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami.

The couple’s daughter, Penelope, was born in 2012. Her birth was also a part of the show, in the season 7 finale. Their second son, Reign was born  in 2014, but his birth was not a part of the series. 

In July 2015, Kourtney ended her relationship with Scott. They couldn’t move past all the problems created by Scott’s drinking and outrageous behavior. The two continue to work together to co-parent their children, despite their personal differences. 

When did Scott start dating Sofia Richie? 

In 2017, Kourtney was spotted with Younes Bendjima, who is 14 years her junior. Around the same time, Scott began dating Sofia Richie, daughter of pop legend Lionel Richie. Scott is 15 years older than Sofia, a fact that didn’t sit well with her family. 

Sofia and Scott have been on-again, off-again since they began dating in 2017. She has gotten to know his children, and has even taken vacations with them. Their relationship has hit some tough spots, mainly because of the same problems Scott had with Kourtney. Sofia seemed to be incredibly supportive, despite Scott’s issues. 

In 2018, the couple took one of many breaks after Sofia learned that Scott had cheated on her. Later that year, though, the couple took a vacation with Kourtney and the kids. Earlier this year, though, Scott broke it off with Sofia. The age difference had become too much.

Scott was trying to focus on his business ventures and children, while the much younger Sofia wasn’t too concerned about those things. 

Is Kris planning a Kourtney and Scott related finale?

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In a 2019 episode of KUWTK, Kris Jenner voiced her concerns about Kourtney remaining too close to Scott. She thought it was odd that her daughter was vacationing with her ex and his new girlfriend, and she worried that Kourtney would get hurt. 

When Scott and Sofia broke up, Kourtney and Scott seemed to be getting very close again. Although Kris had seemed concerned over the idea of Kourtney going back to Scott last year, many speculate that she now might be pushing them together to boost ratings. 

Several fans on Reddit believe that the whole idea of Kourtney and Scott getting closer again is nothing more than the work of her dear old mom. They think it might be an attempt to draw attention to the series before it ends. One Redditor asks “What if Kris engineered Scott and Kourtney to go on vacations/lunches together to build a storyline for the series finale?”

Others agree, some saying that the two really don’t seem close, while others think it’s apparent that they have both moved on and have no interest in getting back together.

They believe the vacations and time spent together is done strictly for the benefit of their children. Some fans, however, do believe that Kourtney is still in love with Scott, or vice versa. We’ll just have to wait for the final season of KUWTK to find out…