‘KUWTK’: Kim Kardashian West Struggles to Squeeze Into Latex Outfit in Behind the Scenes Look

Not everyone can pull off a head to toe latex outfit, but two of the Kardashians did it earlier this month. Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian both wore latex outfits for Paris Fashion Week and Kanye West’s Sunday Service and, for as flawless as they both looked, it turns out that getting into the outfits wasn’t so easy. The latest promo for Keeping Up With the Kardashians shows the great lengths that Kim went to in order to squeeze into the clothing.

Kardashian West and husband Kanye West leave K.West's Sunday Service At Theatre Des Bouffes Du Nord - Paris Fashion Week
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West | Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Kim and Kourtney wear latex

Earlier in March, Kim and Kourtney showed off their skintight outfits from the Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week. The two wore different colors of the latex outfits, with Kourtney sporting it in dark brown and Kim wearing three different outfits, including caramel-colored latex pants and a jacket with built-in gloves. Kim was also photographed wearing it in pink and a chocolate brown color.

It’s obviously not an everyday look for most people, but it’s just another day for the Kardashians.

Many fans had one pressing question that they never thought they’d get an answer to — how did the women get into the skintight outfits?

KUWTK takes fans behind the scenes

The latest KUWTK teaser video gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at what the sisters went through and it was a lot harder than anyone could have imagined.

Kourtney didn’t share her journey with getting into the clothing but Kim put the whole process on display, showing how she sometimes suffers for fashion (see her 2019 Met Gala corset and dress for further proof).

In the clip, Kim is seen tugging at the sleeves of her latex top to get it into the right position, swearing as she struggles with the garment that’s sticking to her skin as she pulls at it. She gets it where it’s supposed to be and then Kourtney enters the hotel room, saying, “Who goes to church in latex? We do!”

Kim’s team works at getting her in the pants next and it’s no easy task — once the pants are up, Kim reaches in to smooth out any bunching of the material and ensure that it’s clinging to her curves how she wants.

Kourtney points out an obvious challenge with wearing the outfit — how to use the bathroom — and Kim says, “You’re gonna have to hold it until like 2.”

It’s not over yet though

The struggle is real and poses some concern with trying not to hurt oneself while getting dressed. “I literally feel like I pulled a muscle in my shoulder,” Kim tells stylist Marni Senofonte,” adding, “This is f**king fashion week.”

Just when it seems like she’s finally in everything — there’s yet another piece — the coat with the attached gloves. The look of determination on Kim’s face as she jams her fingers into the gloves proves that she’s over this whole thing.

The help of her stylist is invaluable, as Kim shares, “Like literally, what would I do without Marni? I didn’t even think you were coming this morning.”

“You would actually do this,” Marni responds, adding, “That’s the thing, you would actually do it.”