‘KUWTK’: Why Does Khloé Kardashian Think Kris Jenner is Lying to Her?

Kris Jenner has a lot of explaining to do. A new trailer for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians reveals that Khloé Kardashian uncovered some hidden secrets about her celebrity family in Lamar Odom’s bombshell book, Darkness to Light. This includes the fact that her mother has been lying to her face all these years. So how did Kardashian react to the findings?

KUWTK Khloe Kardashian Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian | Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Why does Khloé Kardashian think Jenner is lying to her?

The drama will unfold in this week’s episode of KUWTK, which features a discussion on Odom’s revealing memoir.

“Lamar is writing a book,” Kardashian says in the clip. “In the book, I found out that Mom is lying to me.”

We still do not know what the lie was about but it was clearly something big enough to ruffle Kardashian’s feathers.

In a later scene, Kardashian discussed the matter with Scott Disick, who informs her that Jenner is worried about the situation. He also states that Jenner thinks Kardashian is going to come after her over the lie, which prompted an interesting reply.

“Guess what?” Khloé Kardashian shared. “I am.”

There is no telling what the lie was about, but it could have something to do with Kardashian’s relationship with Odom.

The couple tied the knot in 2009 in what proved to be a whirlwind engagement. While their marriage lasted several years, signs of trouble surfaced after Odom was caught in a shocking cheating and drug scandal.

Kardashian wound up filing for divorce by the end of 2013.

Fast forward two years later and Odom almost died after overdosing on drugs while visiting a brothel in Nevada. He was legally still married to Kardashian at the time and she postponed the divorce in light of his medical emergency.

Khloé Kardashian finalized the divorce, however, once Odom finished rehab and got back on his feet. The two officially ended their marriage in 2016.

What did Odom reveal in his memoir?

In his memoir, which was published back in May, Lamar Odom opened up about his failed marriage and his addiction to drugs and sex. According to People, Odom confessed that he cheated on Kardashian and never told her about his addiction to cocaine.

The former NBA star also admitted that he still suffers from guilt and wishes he could have done better by Kardashian.

We do not know what Jenner lied to Khloé Kardashian about, but it may have had something to do with Odom’s secrets.

Whatever the truth, it looks like we will find out when the next episode of KUWTK airs over the weekend — so stayed tuned!

Kardashian confirms her single status

Following the end of her marriage, Kardashian went on to date a number of different men before briefly settling down with Tristan Thompson.

The two even had a daughter together before his cheating scandal ruined their relationship. While the pair reconciled, Thompson was unable to stay faithful and Khloé Kardashian eventually pulled the plug on their romance.

In a new trailer for KUWTK, Disick revealed that Thompson gave Kardashian a diamond sparkler, which he thought looked like an engagement ring.  To clear things up, Kardashian took to social media and assured fans that she is still single.

“Being single doesn’t necessarily mean you’re available,” Kardashian shared. “Sometimes you have to put up a sign that says, ‘Do Not Disturb, God is working’ on your heart.”

The reality star previously revealed that she and Thompson are doing a great job co-parenting their daughter, despite everything that went down earlier this year.  As fans will recall, Kardashian caught Thompson cheating on her with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods.

While Kardashian revealed that she is single, a source claims that Thompson is looking to reconcile with her in the near future. The insider says that the Cleveland Cavaliers player misses being around Kardashian, though her family is worried that he is only in it for fame.

Kardashian, of course, is hardly the only member of her family who is in a tricky situation with their baby daddy. Kourtney Kardashian and Disick share multiple children together and have done a great job raising their kids while living separate lives.

Jenner, meanwhile, has not commented on the secret she kept from Khloé Kardashian, but it looks like the drama is going to get pretty heated on the next episode of KUWTK.

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