‘KUWTK’: Why Don’t the Kardashians Post More Recent Photos of Rob?

The Kardashians are famous for being famous, so seeing one of their own family members more or less drop off the public radar has been more than a little disturbing. At one point, Rob Kardashian was a major part of the family’s show and public appearances.

But lately, even the recent posts about him have featured pictures from the past. Fans have been left wondering what’s going on with Kardashian and whether he will ever make a comeback to either the reality show or public life in general. 

Rob Kardashian had a series of bad relationships

Part of Kardashian’s downfall was a series of relationships that left him in serious trouble. In 2009, he broke up with Adrienne Bailon. This public split was rough, but the rebound was even rougher.

He moved on to Rita Ora, and their relationship was at the center of his spiral into obscurity. No one really knew much about this relationship until Kardashian took to social media to blast Ora for cheating on him. 

A Twitter rant accused Ora of cheating on Kardashian with “nearly 20 dudes.” The fallout became even more bizarre when the singer insisted that not only was she not cheating, the pair were never an item, to begin with. She referred to his version of their relationship as “myths.”

The next relationship for Kardashian is arguably his most toxic. He started seeing Blac Chyna. They were certainly serious and even had a child — a daughter named Dream.

Their on-again, off-again relationship was the stuff of headlines for a long time, but eventually, the pair split for good. A series of ugly occurrences have left the pair battling over custody of their daughter. 

Rob Kardashian was banned from Instagram 

Rob Kardashian | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Part of the Kardashian family claim to fame is their influencer status, and that has largely been built on social media. Kardashian has been cut off from much of this access to fame, however. In his battles with Blac Chyna after their relationship ended, he made the questionable choice to post revenge porn of his former lover on Instagram. 

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Happy Birthday Dream

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This was an obvious violation of the platform’s policies, and they took swift action against Kardashian in response. He was completely banned from the platform. He now has an account that’s managed solely by Jenner Communications.

Kris Jenner is trying hard to keep her son relevant and connected to the social media world, but the absence — and the circumstances surrounding it — has obviously taken a toll on his reputation and popularity. 

Fans wonder about recent photos of Rob Kardashian

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Almost @khloekardashian bday‼️ this MOOD ALL WEEK

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Even though Kardashian has been cut off from direct interaction on Instagram, many wonder why his famous sisters rarely share any information about their brother. Even when they do post a picture of Kardashian, fans have noticed something odd about them: “I feel weird that all the pics they [p]ost of Rob are pre 2012 pictures. Sometimes they act like he dead, it’s weird.”

Some have speculated that there are no recent pictures of Kardashian because his image is no longer in line with the family’s “brand.” One fan wrote on Reddit that the posting of old pictures is “[p]robably because he was thinner and more ‘conventionally attractive’ at that point and they want everybody looking good for the brand.”

Kardashian has famously struggled with his weight and even skipped his sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West because of insecurities about his appearance. 

Many fans look on old pictures with fond memories of playful sibling relationships that seem to have faded away. While hints that Rob Kardashian could try to make a comeback have surfaced, the lack of recent pictures of the former star suggests that there is still something keeping him out of the spotlight.