Kyle Cooke from ‘Summer House’ Is the Original ‘Goodbye, Kyle!’

Sometimes it takes a very astute fan to point out that Kyle Cooke from Summer House was the true OG of the whole “Goodbye, Kyle” craze.

Recently Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tried to make lemonade out of a lemon of a fight she had with former BFF Lisa Vanderpump. The women had a painful brawl last week on the show, which resulted in Richards being booted from Vanderpump’s home. As she left, Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd delivered the dramatic line, “Goodbye, Kyle!” as Richards left Villa Rosa.

Kyle Cooke |Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Richards recently posted to her Instagram account her version of “Goodbye, Kyle” outside of Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. Others got in the mix, delivering their own version of “Goodbye, Kyle” too. The delivery received very mixed reactions and even claims of bullying on Richards’ part. Amid what ended up being a joke gone awry, one fan pointed out that a true “Goodbye, Kyle” moment transpired with Cooke during the first episode of Summer House.

Cooke was definitely a player

Cooke has come a long way since that first episode of Summer House. Viewers were introduced to the eternal party boy who insists that summer is meant for hookups and endless fun. Cooke also serves as the show’s narrator too so viewers know that Cooke means business when it comes to fun.

The first episode was a Vanderpump Rules and Summer House mashup. The women of Vanderpump Rules were invited to the Summer House and Cooke said he was all about meeting these ladies. “My summer house philosophy, the more hot girls the better,” Cooke says.

Of course, Cooke makes a play for Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules during the visit. They end up in a hot tub together and Cooke sees no reason why the two wouldn’t hook up. “I’m blonde, she’s blonde,” he remarks. “Blondes are supposed to mate, from what I understand…”

But he totally blows it

One huge goof on Cooke’s part was consistently forgetting Schroeder’s name. He even says that he knows she told him, but he forgot. Oh boy! Schroeder looks annoyed and says, “You have no idea?” Cooke looks pretty drunk and can’t seem to find his words.

Schroeder artfully schools Cooke by saying if he wants to get together with a girl he should probably remember her name. Cooke pauses and then remembers Schroeder’s name.

He could have recovered but then seals his fate. “I’ve never hung out in a hot tub with someone with a turtleneck on,” Cooke remarks referring to Schroeder’s designer swimsuit. Schroeder looks pained. “It’s like Steve Jobs,” Cooke adds.

Goodbye, Kyle!

A fan posted a funny meme showing Cooke and Schroader in the hot tub along with “The original #goodbyekyle!” Cooke obviously found this funny and reposted it to his Instagram story.

Kyle Cooke Instagram story

Although Cooke was hoping to score with Schroeder during the episode he totally got the Heisman on this one. Schroeder gasps after the Steve Jobs comment. The rebuffing arrives shortly after. She says she’s only recently single, like a week, and adds, “Is this what is out there? Like, are you what is out there?” Yeah…Goodbye, Kyle!

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