Kyle Cooke From ‘Summer House’ Reveals Which Cast Members He Was Happy to See Leave

Kyle Cooke from Summer House found himself in the hot seat several times during Watch What Happens Live and the After Show. Cooke appeared on the show along with Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules and had a lot of explaining to do.

Out of the gate host, Andy Cohen went for it. “How did Lindsay [Hubbard] know you cheated,” he asked Cooke. Meanwhile Cooke’s fiance, Amanda Batula sat watching from the audience.

Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke and Everett Weston | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cooke was also asked during the After Show about which cast members he was most happy to see leave. Cooke was a good sport, didn’t mince words and was pretty up front with his responses.

The season started with tension

Although Cooke sent his illustrious 17-page email to all cast members, it seems that Hubbard may have been correct in assuming most of it was intended for her.

Hubbard and cast member Danielle Olivera apparently unfollowed Batula on Instagram, untagged and removed her from photos. During the first episode of season 3, Hubbard shared with a small group in the hot tub that she did so because Cooke cheated on Batula.

By the time summer hit, the group had stewed on the email, which made for a super awkward first day of summer. Thankfully the crew seemed to mend fences while chatting on the beach during the second episode. Hubbard and Olivera hugged it out with Cooke and then Hubbard told Batula she was now following her again on Instagram.

This is how Cooke responded to the casting question

A caller asked Cooke during the After Show which cast members he was happiest to see leave Summer House. The caller asked, “Who were you happiest or most surprised that you like when they entered the house and who were you happiest to see exit?”

New cast members Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner played bartender that night and start giggling. Although Cooke looked a little uncomfortable he said, “One person or multiple,” he laughs. “Honestly, I’ve never had a falling out with a single person in my life, so it was a tough situation. But basically, I was very happy that everyone that left, left.” Three cast members from last season did not return.

When it came to who he was happy to meet, Cooke said, “We got these two beautiful ladies behind me. Because that’s what summer is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be fun. That’s what I say.”

This may be the one person Cooke is happy to not be sharing a house with

Three specific cast members were named from last season. However, another cast member may be part of Cooke’s list of people he would rather not share a home with for the summer.

When it came to Cohen’s question about Cooke’s cheating he revealed who gossiped about the infidelity. “Everett [Weston] happened to spill the beans and then Stephen [McGee] went on a gossip channel and told everyone,” Cooke said.

But in an upcoming promo for the next episode, Weston is back. “I’m not over the guy,” Hubbard says in a confessional interview. “It’s clear I’m not over him.” Meanwhile, previews show Weston looking for Cooke. They share a super uncomfortable handshake. “I feel betrayed,” Cooke says in an off-camera interview. Summer is heating up in the Summer House.

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