Kyle Richards From ‘RHOBH’ Addresses ‘Goodbye Kyle’ Backlash

Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills responds to the comments and backlash prompted from a weekend of “Goodbye Kyle” videos that surfaced over the last 48 hours.

Richards and many cast members, family, and friends like Kris Jenner made their own “Goodbye Kyle” videos. This was after Richards repeated the line outside of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR. Richards also continued the parody of “Goodbye Kyle,” which was originally delivered by Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd.

Kyle Richards |Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images

Fan reaction was not positive although some saw it with humor. A growing number of social media calls referred to the videos as bullying. Others claimed the video was the turning point for them and they would no longer be viewers.

What happened this weekend?

The horrific fight between Vanderpump and Richards finally aired last week. Toward the end of the argument, Vanderpump and Todd asked Richards to leave. As they ascended their staircase, Todd yelled in a dramatic fashion, “Goodbye, Kyle!”

Fast forward to later in the week, Richards is on the town with friends. She strolls by SUR, shoots an Instagram video and drops her line. “I’m going to order a goodbye Kyle on the rocks.” She asks Justin Sylvester, host of Daily Pop on E! what he would order at SUR and he says, “I would have a tequila with a side of…goodbye, Kyle!”

Next came videos from their Uber driver and the other women on the show too. Lisa Rinna shot video of husband Harry Hamlin and her mother doing their own version of “Goodbye Kyle.” Kris Jenner delivered her take in a gruff voice too.

But people weren’t laughing

From the beginning, fans have been fiercely defensive of Vanderpump. The RHOBH cast asked fans to hold off on making judgments until everything is revealed. But clearly many are sticking with Vanderpump. “#RHOBH immature middle aged women are quite desperate to get public attention,” according to one Twitter user. “Every one of them didn’t give a second thought and carried out the orchestrated Goodbye Kyle’s mocking. Public should be the jury for this, do nothing or penalize them by boycotting. What will you do?”

One fan checked the numbers and did a Twitter poll, finding that viewership dropped on the once popular show. Another wrote, “So not only did Kyle do this childish IG post but have you seen what Rinna did on IG? She got Harry Hamlin and her mother to mock the Goodbye Kyle as well. Isn’t this considered some sort of bullying?”

Richards responds

After a pretty overwhelming response, Richards took to her Instagram story to craft her response to the comments. “As most of you know, last week’s episode of RHOBH was a difficult one,” she wrote. “When I went to Lisa’s house to talk to her, I knew it would not be easy but felt I had to be honest after the conversation that had taken place between the other women and me earlier. I didn’t expect to be having a conversation with both Lisa and Ken.”

“After Ken screamed at me and told me to get out of his house, he yelled, ‘goodbye, Kyle’ in a very aggressive tone,” she continued. “After that, LVP supporters were tweeting me rude comments with the hashtag, #GoodbyeKyle and posting memes with ‘Goodbye Kyle’ as the theme. When I walked past Sur with friends on the way to The Abbey, I made a joke about the now infamous ‘Goodbye Kyle’ it was my way of being in on the joke instead of taking it laying down. Besides, I find laughter to be the best medicine.”

Richards then addressed the comments on social media. “I have now read comments saying I was doing that to be mean because I want Lisa off the show,” she added. “That is not true at all. Lisa and I have had arguments in the past and never at any point did I want to do the show without Lisa. This argument took place 7 months ago. Personally, I would think they would prefer me making a joke about it rather than making a big deal about a man getting up in my face. I have not taken that route intentionally as regardless of what happened between Lisa, Ken and me, I do care about them.”

Are fans accepting Richards’ explanation?

Fans are clearly still upset with Richards. “This statement is pure BS if she wasn’t getting dragged on SM she would be silent,” one person posted to Twitter. “It wasn’t spontaneous it was planned. Bravo or Andy May have said stop this. No one will ever convince me she wrote this because she felt bad for mocking Ken or cares about LVP.”

Others commented that while it was nice Richards made the statement, she’s now dragged others into the fray. Others suggested that she should have let the entire thing die down before making jokes. While Richards had some support and fans saw it as being a silly joke, an overwhelming number are not laughing.

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