Kyle Richards From ‘RHOBH’ Fights Back After Accusations of Stirring the Pot

After yet another emotional episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, cast member Kyle Richards and other cast members are being accused on social media of being insensitive to Lisa Vanderpump.

Richards and Vanderpump share a heartbreaking moment on the show where Vanderpump urges Richards to mend relationships with her sisters. Richards can tell Vanderpump is in extreme pain following her brother’s death. But then brings up the dog adoption debacle with Dorit Kemsley. “Are you still mad at her,” Richards asks Vanderpump about Kemsley.

Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Paul “PK” Kemsley |Getty Images

Vanderpump doesn’t want to discuss it. “I don’t want to talk about this,” Vanderpump says in a confessional interview. “If anyone wants to bring it up its because they want to stir up sh*t.” So is Richards just trying to create drama?

Vanderpump clearly isn’t o.k. with Kemsley

Kemsley and Vanderpump share a large two-bedroom suite at the luxurious Bahama hotel. The two have a private conversation at the beginning of the episode that points to their friendship still being on rocky terms.

The two chat on a breathtaking balcony where Kemsley asks Vanderpump about their relationship. Kemsley asks if Vanderpump is happy being good friends with her. “Right now I’m reaping the benefits,” Vanderpump says. “But I’m not sure how long this will go on.” Kemsley gasps.

Kemsley admits she understands that Vanderpump has been through a lot. But wonders if Vanderpump is still holding a grudge that the dog she adopted ended up in a shelter. Kemsley discussed the situation several times before the trip, but now wonders if Vanderpump is still resentful.

Rinna plants this idea in the ladies’ heads

The next morning, Richards ponders the situation with Lisa Rinna and Teddi Mellencamp. Rinna seems to be completely in the dark so Mellencamp breaks down the whole dog adoption situation to Rinna.

Rinna asserts that perhaps Vanderpump’s employees, who dished to the women about the dog adoption mess, were involved in setting Kemsley up to look bad. “She just set you all up,” Rinna says. “All Lisa Vanderpump wants to do is punish Dorit about the dog. She can’t do it. So she had those boys do it.”

Now the women feel played. Plus, Rinna insists that Vanderpump will play innocent if ever confronted too.

Fans lash out at the cast (again)

Richards seemed to take the brunt of social media backlash. One Twitter follower accused her of re-hashing the dog incident. But Richards responded, “It was TOLD to us episode ONE. It’s already been discussed for 3 episodes now. I didn’t ‘put it out there’ episode ONE. Big difference.”

Rinna also took a lot of Twitter heat too. “Why are you tweeting? You should be in church repenting,” one fan wrote. “the fans are so done w/#rhobhMeanGirls I thought your lies about Kim being close to death would make u stop, but you have zero shame. LVP is everything u want to be, ur a lifetime movie villain (w/poor acting).”

Plus, Kemsley got a flurry of tweets with more questions about what happened with the rescue dog from Vanderpump Dogs. Mellencamp was also slammed for “joining the mean girl” group too. Mellencamp responded, “So they can print out texts and call me a liar but I can’t respond?”

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