Kylie Denies Slashing Jordyn’s Lip Kit Pricing Amid Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal

Kylie Jenner has attempted to stay as neutral as possible during the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, even though she was forced directly into the middle of the entire debacle. Not only did Tristan step out on Kylie’s big sister, but he did so with Kylie’s best friend. Amid news of the scandal, Woods vacated Kylie’s guest house and headed home to her mom’s house. The Kardashian clan, including Kim and Khloe both unfollowed Woods on social media, a clear indication that Woods was suddenly persona non grata to the famous family.

Jordyn and Kylie
Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)

Fans assumed quickly that Kylie was taking Khloe’s side when the “Jordy” lip kit had its price slashed to under $14 just moments after the cheating news broke, but Kylie is finally speaking out, and it seems the price cut was just an unfortunate coincidence.

Why did the Jordy lip kit go on sale?

According to Entertainment Tonight, the price slash on several Kylie products was a planned sale that would have happened with or without the scandal. Kylie claims that the company is moving to different packaging and had decided to place certain items on sale to liquidate stock.

Kylie went on to allege that she would never cut the price of a lip kit simply out of spite. In fact, she says the clearance plan was in place for weeks, but she never expected Jordyn’s kit to be part of the liquidation. According to People, Kylie immediately contacted an employee to figure out what happened.

Kylie x Jordyn, a line of exclusive products, are still available on the website at full price. Jordyn’s lip kit is currently sold out, but the price has been restored to its full retail price of $27.

Are Kylie and Jordyn speaking?

While Kylie and Jordyn have been inseparable for years, the former besties have had limited contact since news of the cheating scandal broke. Rumors suggest that Kylie feels like Jordyn put her in a terrible situation considering. After all, she’s now forced to choose between her sister and her best friend.

Kylie told the New York Times that the entire lip kit problem has been resolved and that Jordyn knows that Kylie didn’t purposefully put it on sale. Fans, however, are skeptical. Everyone has to admit that it seems like an odd coincidence; it’s possible, though, that an employee decided to avenge Khloe through the sale. Kylie did not indicate how the price slash happened or who was responsible for it.

Fans think Kylie is throwing shade, despite what she says

While Kylie has been careful not to speak too harshly about her former BFF, fans believe there are subtle digs at the model. For example, Kylie recently supported a fake eyelash business even though her ex-bestie is working with Eylure on a collaboration. Fans allege that the allegiance with another brand is yet another subtle dig at Woods and her makeup aspirations.

Woods, on the other hand, has chosen to lay relatively low since her appearance on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith. The interview was the first and only time Woods spoke out about the Tristan Thompson situation. It is not known if the former pals will manage to repair their friendship.