Kylie Jenner Critics Wonder When She’ll ‘Use Her Money for Good’

Kylie Jenner certainly lives a life of luxury. At just 22 years old, Jenner makes tons of money. In fact, the Kylie Cosmetics owner reportedly has a net worth of one billion dollars. It seems that every week the mogul is flaunting her lifestyle for her millions of fans. Just this week, Jenner faced major backlash after she posted a video of the new car she’d purchased. After splitting up with Travis Scott, Jenner purchased what seemed to be a post-breakup pick me up. But, the $3 million Bugatti quickly sparked outrage amongst fans.

Money mogul Kylie Jenner at Netflix red carpet event
Kylie Jenner | Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

As Jenner already has her fair share of luxury cars, many fans found her latest Bugatti to be overkill. Some fans declared that she was damaging the environment because of her car collection. Others took the liberty of reminding the Keeping up with the Kardashians star that while she was spending her money in excess on things that she didn’t need, people around the globe were starving. The backlash got so bad, that Jenner ultimately decided to delete the video off of her Instagram page.

Jenner is still receiving Bugatti backlash

But deleting the video hasn’t stopped fans and critics alike from questioning Jenner about the way she spends her money. Her most recent posts are full of people asking when she’ll start doing more with her money. Lately, fans are wondering why Jenner never gives back publicly, with the exception of giving her a couple thousand dollars to some of her fans on The Ellen Show. Many critics started probing Jenner about when she’d start using her money for good and meaningful causes.

Critics drag Jenner on Instagram

“When are you going to use your money for good? Instead of spending it on yourself help others out! This is the girl who claimed she never wanted to be famous and wanted to live a “simpler life” this is not the real definition. The only reason you got rich was because of your family; it’s called gluttony and Kylie likes to flaunt it. There’s nothing wrong with people questioning her intentions and morals. It’s sad that people rather defend a billionaire than stand behind their fellow neighbors. This generation is doomed,” one critic wrote to Jenner on Instagram, somehow using Jenner’s actions to denounce an entire generation.

Will Jenner use her net worth for good

“You will never see her use her money for good unless it’s on stage being filmed. She’s here to corrupt the minds and by that planting things in minds that we will never have in our lifetime, unless of course it’s handed down through riches from the family etc. or working hard for it… which is almost still impossible,” a conspiracist chimed in.

Still, with 147 million followers on Instagram, Jenner had plenty of loyal fans jumping to her rescue. They argued that Jenner worked hard for her money and should be able to spend any way she wants. “Idk why people get mad at you posting the things YOU bought with YOUR hard-earned money. You wanna buy a 3mil car? You got the money for it, do it. You’re a self-made billionaire, people are always gonna find something wrong with what you do regardless of who you are. It honestly motivates me,” one loyal fan said passionately.

How should Jenner spend her money

While it would be nice if Jenner made charity work more of a priority, we’re in no place to tell her how to spend her money. Also, it would be unfair to say that Jenner never gives back. She recently donated $1 million that she earned from her Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection to a women’s empowerment movement. Furthermore, we don’t know if the 22-year-old donates her time or money behind closed doors. Whatever the case may be, we’re too busy worried about our own money to tell Jenner how she should be spending hers.