Kylie Jenner Is Doing Well Since Her Friendship with Jordyn Woods Ended, Claims Insider

Kylie Jenner parted ways with Jordyn Woods after her BFF’s 2019 scandal with Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend at the time, Tristan Thompson. Their friendship couldn’t survive after the cheating scandal and Jenner never looked back — and she’s doing well without Woods in her life, according to insiders.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner attend the Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring/Summer 2019 show
Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner | Chesnot/WireImage

Jenner cut Woods out of her life and moved on

After the cheating scandal rocked the Kardashian-Jenner family, the family had to find a way to move on and that meant making a clean break from Woods after she proved to be untrustworthy. Khloé broke up with Thompson after she discovered he cheated on her, but she has had to be more forgiving of him for the sake of their daughter, True.

Jenner is reportedly “doing well” even though dropping Woods from her inner circle had to have been emotionally devastating.

Kylie has been doing well since her and Jordyn’s friendship ended,” a source told Us Weekly. “She loves hanging with all her crew of girls now, including Stassie [Karanikolaou], Yris [Palmer] and Victoria [Villarroel].”

It’s an adjustment for Jenner, who spent a lot of her time with Woods, but the source shared that the makeup mogul feels “very comfortable” and likes “her complete self” with her group of friends. “They all just have a fun time together like any other close group of girlfriends,” the insider added, noting, “They laugh a lot and share similar interests and are supportive of one another. Kylie is very sweet and down-to-earth, and so are her friends.”

Why Jenner cut ties with Woods

When she found out what Woods had done, Jenner was conflicted, as a second source noted that she “felt very stuck in the middle, but ultimately, [she and her family] are so close, and they suggested that Kylie stay away [from] Jordyn and had the mentality of, ‘Once a backstabber, always a backstabber.’”

The insider added: “They felt that it was completely unacceptable. The situation didn’t just damage Kylie and Jordyn’s relationship, but it was a huge family ordeal.”

Given how close she and Woods once were, of course, she mourns the loss of her former BFF. “Kylie is such a lover, and she of course misses Jordyn at points,” the insider noted. “But she was more affected by the hurt that was inflicted upon her family versus her relationship with Jordyn directly.”

“The family still feels like what Jordyn did is pretty unforgivable. Kylie has the mentality that time heals everything, but now is not the right time,” the source added.

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Jenner and Woods aren’t staying in touch

Jenner and Woods are both moving on in their own ways and have left the cheating scandal drama in the past, according to a Woods family friend. “Jordyn’s position now is she’s going to just let it be what it is,” the insider told People. “She said what she had to say.”

“She’s working. She had a stint on a TV show and she has a couple brand deals coming up,” the source shared. “She’s not doing too, too much, but is staying busy.”