Kylie Jenner Just Posted a Video With No Makeup — And She Looked Great

Kylie Jenner took some heat earlier this week when a photo surfaced that appeared to show her with no makeup and her natural hair. The photo went viral, and although it certainly wasn’t a flattering angle, we all have bad photos taken of us every now and then.

Jenner just posted a video without makeup, and she still looks great.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Theo Wargo/Getty Images For US Weekly

Kylie Jenner is trying to keep things natural during quarantine

These days, everyone is staying at home. And that makes it the perfect time to lay off the makeup, extensions, nail polish, etc. and let our bodies get back to their more natural, healthier state. Jenner is reportedly doing the same. She’s been sporting her natural hair during quarantine and has ditched the mega-long nails — at least for now.

Jenner has been spending time with her daughter and her mother, Kris Jenner, at Kris’ Palm Springs home. She hardly has any reason to wear makeup regularly, since she’s not going anywhere these days.

Jenner still likes to wear makeup now and then despite staying home.

An unflattering photo recently surfaced of Jenner during quarantine

In April, a photo went viral of Jenner outside during quarantine and looking totally “natural.” Her hair wasn’t done, her makeup wasn’t done, and she was wearing a baggy sweatshirt. Of course, the photo instantly went viral, as Jenner is often judged for having had facial filler to change her appearance through the years.

In the photo, Jenner looked pale and clearly wasn’t wearing makeup, and it was suggested that she hadn’t had her fillers redone, taking her back to her fully natural look.   

Jenner just posted a video with no makeup — and she still looks great

Jenner hasn’t been shy about letting fans in on her natural appearance — but she’s been doing it on her own terms. Jenner has posted several photos and videos to her Instagram stories, showing off her more natural look. And on April 24, she did the same.

Jenner posted a video of her wearing avocado pajamas; she had no makeup on, and her short hair was clearly visible. She certainly didn’t look quite as dolled up as her Instagram photos appear, but she still looked great. It’s not always easy to go all-natural for 170 million followers, but Jenner is trying to be transparent about how much she’s been going back to basics during the stay-at-home orders.

Kylie Jenner posted a video showing off her natural hair and no makeup
Kylie Jenner posted a video showing off her natural hair and no makeup | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

It’s unclear if she’ll ever stop the fillers

Though Jenner might be keeping it real for now, it’s hard to say if it will change her outlook entirely. She might have had to take a break from the fillers because non-urgent medical offices are closed. But once things go back to normal, she’ll probably return to her filled-out look.

It’s not up to us what Jenner does to her face and body. And while some might argue that she sets a beauty standard that’s only possible for the wealthy to achieve, she also seems to be doing what makes her feel the most confident. After all, growing up in one of the world’s most famous families can certainly make someone feel the pressure to look a certain way.