Kylie Jenner Won’t Take Things To The Next Level With Drake For 1 Reason

Just when we thought the rumors weren’t true, things are getting quite spicy between Kylie Jenner and Drake. The internet was abuzz when the makeup mogul was caught getting cozy with the rapper at his 33rd birthday soiree. Though many of us assumed it was just an innocent night between friends, it looks like something romantic was happening instead.

Though Drake hasn’t been in a public romance since his relationship with our President Rihanna some years back — Jenner just ended a two-year relationship with her daughter’s father, Travis Scott. Since Drake and Scott are also friendly, we were confident that nothing was going down between the 22-year-old and the Toronto-born icon. But we were very wrong.

Still, despite the new man in her life, Jenner won’t be taking things to the next level anytime soon.

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Kylie Jenner and Drake have been spending time together “romantically”

It looks like Jenner and Drake’s intimate nights have extended way past the rapper’s birthday celebration. An insider told People, “He and Kylie have been spending time together recently. They’ve been friends for a long time and Drake is very close to the family.” This followed the news that Jenner spent the entire time at the “Nice For What” rapper’s party by his side. A source explained to US Weekly,

She spent the most time n ear Drake and his friend. Kylie was rapping to songs and dancing with her friends while she was next to Drake, but they weren’t dancing together, they seemed to have a connection though.

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Kylie Jenner doesn’t want to take things to the next level with Drake yet

Both Jenner and Drake have small children around the same age, Stormi and Adonis, respectively, and they are massive figures in the public eye with overlapping friend groups. Therefore, we can see why they wouldn’t want to turn any more attention to their burgeoning relationship. However, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul has her reasons for taking things slow. A source close to the reality star told Hollywood Life,

Kylie is enjoying Drake’s company, she thinks he’s funny and attractive but that’s where it stops for the moment. It’s way too soon to put any sort of label in regards to what is going on between them and they’re really just enjoying each other’s company. They have been friends for a few years so there’s definitely a comfortability between them. Plus, Kylie has no interest in jumping into any relationship right now, she’s enjoying the single life and her main focus is Stormi and her career.

This is how Travis Scott really feels about Kylie Jenner and Drakes’s romance

Though Scott feels no ill will towards the mother of his daughter or his friend, he would not be pleased about this potential romance. A source explained to Hollywood Life,

He would feel a bit betrayed if Drake started anything with Kylie that was anything romantic. Travis considers Drake a good friend. He loves collaborating and performing with Drake. He trusts that it was just a fun night out and nothing more happened and people are just overshooting their expectations on this potential relationship.

We should note that an insider at E! News is denying this whole romance thing altogether, They said,

Kylie and Drake are not romantic. They have always been good friends and have been hanging out more [now] that Kylie is single and Drake is in town at his house in Calabasas. It’s a convenient friendship but it’s strictly platonic. Drake is notorious for flirting with all of his girlfriends and him and Kylie have a great dynamic […] They aren’t hooking up but Kylie is enjoying having him around.

So, what’s the truth.