Kylie Jenner Has A Secret Cousin That Looks Exactly Like Her

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to the spotlight. The billionaire makeup mogul has been navigating the press since she was just a little kid on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Fans of the KarJenner clan have watched the Kylie Beauty founder blossom into a teenager and then into a young woman with her own beauty empire.

Though Jenner was able to keep her pregnancy with her baby girl, Stormi Webster, secret — there isn’t much we don’t know about the KUWTK star. From her high-profile relationships with rappers Tyga and Travis Scott to her actual net worth — Jenner has welcomed us into her life.

Still, there are a couple of aspects of her life that Jenner has managed to keep under wraps, including her cousin who looks exactly like her.

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The KarJenner family is super close

Despite the ongoing feud between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian — the entire KarJenner clan is extremely close. We’ve watched them bicker, fight and rally around one another since 2007. They’ve been through divorces, scandals, deaths, births, and everything in between.

Though they do put all of their business out on the streets — the KarJenners who remain on KUWTK remain pretty respectful of the rest of the family who chooses not to live such a high-profile life. Rob Kardashian hasn’t been on the show in years and Kourtney has recently decided to step back from the show.

However, it appears that one of the KarJenner’s closest family members has been hanging out in plain sight all along.

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Natalie Zettel is the KarJenner’s secret cousin

Though we can’t recall ever seeing her on KUWTK, KarJenner cousin — Natalie Zettel is super close with the reality family. Zettel is the daughter of Kris Jenner’s younger sister, Karen Houghton. From what we understand the KarJenner matriarch and her younger sister don’t exactly get along, but that hasn’t stopped Zettel from coming around her famous family.

Zettel’s Instagram account is full of gems. She recently posed with Kylie Jenner in front of the makeup mogul’s massive Christmas tree, she’s often hanging out with her grandmother Mary Jo (Kris Jenner’s mom), and she and North West seem to be pretty close as well.

Back in December 2018, she posed with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian at one of the Skims founder’s KKW Beauty events.

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Natalie Zettel looks exactly like Kylie Jenner

The thing that will strike most fans about Zettel is that she looks super similar to Kylie Jenner — especially in more recent pictures. The cousins posed together barefaced with their brunette locks pulled into buns in one photo.

However, it’s in her more glam photos where she’s dolled up (probably in Kylie Beauty or KKW Beauty) where Zettel looks most like her billionaire cousin. In a couple of photos– Zettel debuted lighter blonde hair which definitely gave us Kylie vibes. After all, we all know that Stormi’s mom loves to switch out her wigs and play in various colors and shades of makeup.

We wonder if the KarJenners have more secret cousins we know nothing about.