Kylie Jenner Totally Bought Her Christmas Decorations at Target

She may be a billionaire, but Kylie Jenner shops at Target, just like the rest of us. In a new vlog, Jenner takes fans inside her home and gives a peek at her holiday decorations — and many of them aren’t over-the-top expensive.

Kylie Jenner Christmas
Kylie Jenner | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Jenner gives a tour of her Christmas décor

During Jenner’s holiday vlog, she shares about halfway through the video, “I really want to show you guys my Christmas decorations.” She begins by the entry to her home, lined with poinsettia plants leading to a Santa doormat. She’s already perfectly set the holiday tone, but you know there’s so much more inside.

Her Christmas décor doesn’t disappoint, of course, but let’s take a moment first to appreciate the way her daughter Stormi comes running to her when Jenner calls out her name. She comes tearing out and runs right into her mom’s arms and says “I love mommy. I miss you,” before showing off some artwork. Total cute overload.

Stormi then toddles along with her mom for the tour, which starts with the Christmas tree that has Jenner’s daughter gasping and saying, “It’s crazy.”

She asks Stormi to find Santa on the tree, but she’s off and running in the direction of another, bigger Santa in the corner. Jenner explains, “We have big Santas everywhere,” and then Stormi (and Jenner) give one of the Santas a hug.

Jenner shows off a Christmas countdown calendar and explains, “I just love traditional little Christmas” before moving to a sweet display. She explains, “On this console table here, I have this ceramic little town, I think it’s really cute. I’m pretty sure I got this from Target. I got most of my stuff from Target.”

She continues, “I set up the little deer,” before showing off candles that “literally make your house smell like Christmas.”

Of course, she’s got nutcracker figurines and an adorable snow globe, as well as a Santa that sings and climbs a ladder that Stormi is a big fan of.

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Her tree has a nostalgic element

Her tree is special to her, Jenner explains, because she’s giving her daughter the same experience she remembers as child. She said she recreated the Christmas tree she had when she was little!

Jenner notes: “I love this because I wanted Stormi to kind of experience what I used to experience growing up, and all the amazing memories that I have. These ornaments my mom had, and I used to love sitting by the tree… they’re all different, and just looking at them. I wanted the same thing for Stormi so I got all of these ornaments for her. They’re so traditional.”

It’s been a great year for Jenner, but she still holds the important things close to her, sharing: “I think what I’m most grateful for during the holidays is my family. It’s definitely a time where I reflect.”

She noted in the YouTube description: “My mom and I took the Kylie Truck to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. Thank you so much to the incredible team at the mission, and to Health Nut and Pressed Juicery for providing meals and drinks for the families. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!”