Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Planning A Family Vacation To Work Through Their Trust Issues?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are currently going through a bit of a rough patch in their relationship. Though the makeup mogul and rapper were the picture of relationship bliss for the past two years –Jenner’s recent fall out with her former best friend, Jordyn Woods and her suspicions about Scott’s faithfulness, have left some cracks in their relationship.

Now, despite their hectic schedules –with Scott traveling across the globe on his Astroworld tour, and Jenner creating her latest Lip Kit –the young couple are determined to work through their problems. Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott planning a lavish vacation to fix their relationship issues?

Why are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott having trust issues?

In late Feb. 2019–in the midst of the Jordyn Woods / Tristan Thompson scandal, Scott flew back to California from the East Coast to surprise Jenner and their 1-year old daughter, Stormi. Apparently, during their visit –Jenner discovered some “evidence” that the rapper had been DMing girls on his Instagram account. Scott insisted that he had not been unfaithful, but Jenner did not believe him.

Since Scott is in the middle of a tour, the “Sicko Mode” rapper has been unable to calm Jenner’s concerns, and their trust issues have only exploded. According to TMZ, “[They] haven’t had a chance to fully repair their relationship and they’ve only communicated in spurts since their fight.” An insider told TMZ, the “relationship isn’t even close to what it used to be. Kylie has some serious trust issues with Travis.”

Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott planning a family vacation to fix their relationship?

Travis Scott has tried to repair his relationship with Jenner by taking flights in the middle of the night to see her and Stormi, deleting his Instagram account, canceling concerts, and giving her public shoutouts. However, that hasn’t been enough. Now that Scott has a break from touring in April 2019, the pair are planning a lavish vacation for some quality time away from the spotlight.

An insider close to the couple told TMZ, “when Travis gets a break from his Astroworld tour next week is a family trip with no distractions — so they can focus on spending time together with baby.” The insider explained that the couple is serious about the “no distractions” part of the trip. They have both cleared their schedules completely. Apparently, the pair are asking their travel agent to find a beach overseas, where they can relax in peace away from the prying eyes of the public and the paparazzi.

Will Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner break up?

Though they are both extremely young and juggling mega-fame, money, and a baby –Scott and Jenner seemed determined to work out the kinks in their relationship. After all, the pair do love each other, and they both adore their infant daughter, Stormi.

A source told TMZ, “the couple is confident they’ll be able to work things out during Travis’ long tour break.”

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