Kylie Jenner Wasn’t the Only Friend Jordyn Woods Lost After the Cheating Scandal

Close up shot of Jordyn Woods at a red carpet event
Based on a recent Instagram post it seems Jordyn Woods has lost many of her friends. | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The drama between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods after the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal is starting to seem like a good thing for Woods. The public is more focused than ever on Woods and her career. This might be her chance to break out from under the Kardashian shadow. 

All this new attention comes at a pretty steep cost for Woods. Her friendship with Jenner and the rest of the Kardashians is over. It seems like most of her friendships may be over based on recent comments. According to an Instagram post from Woods’ mother, the young model doesn’t have many friends left. 

Jordyn Woods’ mother supports her

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Elizabeth Woods put up a heartwarming post on Instagram, thanking Teen Vogue for a recent photoshoot and detailing how difficult the scandal has been for her as a mother.  

The Kardashians may have a reality TV show that showcases their relationships with one another, but the Woods family seems just as tight knit. Jordyn Woods’ sister and mother accompanied her to her recent Teen Vogue photoshoot, and her sister Jodie even joined in some shots.  

Jordyn’s mother, Elizabeth Woods, is also her manager. Fans have noticed a lot of similarities between her and Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian family. Both women are dedicated to their daughter’s careers.

Some fans think Khloe should have seen this coming

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The scandal started when Khloe Kardashian found out that Tristan Thompson, her boyfriend at the time and the father of her daughter True, had allegedly kissed Woods. To many, her reaction seems like too much. She has ostracized, insulted, and even fat shamed Woods on every available channel, including her TV show.  

She hasn’t seemed to put any of the blame on Thompson, who appears to have cheated on her before. In fact, many believe that Kardashian was the other woman when she and Thompson got together. Before dating Kardashian, Thompson was in a relationship with Jordan Craig, who was pregnant with his child when he and Kardashian began dating. The couple has stated that Thompson and Craig were definitely broken up before he began dating Kardashian, but not all fans believe that to be true.

When Kardashian was pregnant with their baby, True Thompson, Tristan was seen around town with quite a few other women. Kardashian defended him at the time, but looking back it may seem like a pattern to some. 

The incident between Woods and Thompson happened after True was born. Fans think it’s about time Kardashian turns her anger towards Thompson, who seems like more of the bad guy in this situation.

Jordyn Woods is working on herself

Even though everyone is all about Jordyn Woods right now, she’s not ready to jump into the spotlight with full force. Woods wants to find herself before she takes on too many more projects. She spends a lot of time writing in her journal, and she loves binge watching. Even though she seems to have come out okay, she’s been through a difficult ordeal. She’s still healing in a lot of ways.  

Elizabeth Woods Instagram post is a reminder of how Jordyn Woods is struggling right now. She’s been open about the criticism, and how it makes her feel. It’s that kind of honesty that’s winning fans to her side, even if she did make a pretty big mistake. She’s proving that she’s the bigger person in all this, and most fans are into it. Hopefully, when Woods gets over the trauma of this event, there will be a lot of options open for her.