Kylie Jenner’s Best Friend Is the Perfect Choice for Her

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods used to be the epitome of BFFs. The ride or die pair go way back — so far back that the makeup mogul even named some of her cosmetics after Woods!

But sadly, all good things come to an end. After Woods was outed for committing the greatest of sins with Khloe Kardashian’s husband, she was immediately exiled from the affluent Kardashian-Jenner clan.

While Khloe and the other sisters immediately dropped Woods like a mixtape, Kylie was much more hesitant. The same goes for releasing commentary surrounding the entire situation. In fact, she didn’t say much at all until the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are trying to move past the drama

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In the finale, Khloe admits that while she wasn’t surprised that Thompson cheated (it isn’t his first time), Woods’ betrayal was unexpected. Kylie immediately chimes in and shares that she already told her former best friend that she was afraid of her following the fall-out. It wasn’t just what she did to the family, but ultimately what she did to herself that was frightening.

“I called her and she didn’t really say anything. She was just, like, crying the whole time. And I was just telling her, ‘I’m, like, scared of you now. You’re capable of waking up the next morning with a smile on your face.'” – Kylie Jenner / BuzzFeed

She also said that Woods crossed the line, but that hasn’t kept her from chatting with her every now and again. Sources have reported that the two are at the very least texting. 

While the line of communication is open, their friendship has a long way to go before it can even begin to be a shadow of what it once was. Even so, it looks like neither wants to just toss over five years of friendship. 

Kylie has a few other friends to lean on

Woods and Kylie were always together, but that doesn’t mean that Kylie doesn’t have other friends. There are two ladies that the Kylie Cosmetics CEO is especially close with, Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolauo and Victoria Villarroel Gamero. Karanikolauo has known Kylie just as long as Woods.

Kylie credits Karanikolauo for teaching her how to accept herself and even shared some sweet words about the mode in Teen Vogue back in 2015.

“You’ve been the most consistent and loyal friend in my life. And I feel like, without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Because I wouldn’t be weird anymore. I’d be trying to be normal.” – Kylie Jenner / Teen Vogue

On the other hand, Gamero is her most-trusted personal assistant. While they have a stable work relationship, the trust and bond that they’ve built over the years can’t be overlooked! Just look at this heartfelt comment the world’s youngest billionaire shared with Gamero during the beginning of their friendship.

“One time we were in her room and we were talking and she told me — and I remember and I think this is, like, word-by-word — she said, ‘Close the door. I wanna tell you my deepest secrets.'” – Victoria Villarroel Gamero

Who is Kylie Jenner’s new best friend?

Surprise, surprise! Kylie’s new BFF is none other than little Stormi! Recently the Jenner sister posted an Instagram pic featuring her and her mini-me in fiery matching outfits. The caption reads: “my real life bestie.”

This shouldn’t be all that surprising as Kylie goes to the ends of the Earth for her beautiful daughter. She wakes up with her in the mornings and even has a space for her at work! Stormi is an integral part of Kylie’s day, every day.

In the hectic drama-filled world of fame and fortune, having a family is extremely important. It keeps you grounded and even when things are going awry, there will always be someone at your back.

In Kylie’s case, she’ll have little Stormi to look to for years to come. At least, until she hits her rebellious stage as a teenager!