Kylie Jenner’s Most Memorable Media Moments

We hadn’t been seeing much Kylie Jenner prior to her announcement that she had given birth to a baby girl. She had expressed a need for privacy and decided to take a break from the limelight that comes along with being a Jenner. While she was away, we couldn’t help but miss her presence on Keeping up With the Kardashians and her social outlets.

While we continue to give her her privacy as she settles into motherhood, let’s look back at some of our favorite Kylie moments (including the one that confirmed everything).

1. When young Kylie blew up at Kendall for wanting to model

Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Kendall and Kylie Jenner | Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

This moment is a major throwback, as a young Kylie gets frustrated with her family for wanting to support 14-year-old Kendall’s modeling career. In this clip, we hear Kylie expressing her concern about Kendall rising to fame at such a young age (it sound like she doesn’t want to be left in the dust if her sister decides to start modeling).

Kris’s response to her young daughter’s burst of insecurity? “That is not very nice.”

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2. Her infamous 2016 advice

Kylie Jenner 2016 resolutions
KYLIE UP CLOSE: My 2016 Resolutions | Kylie Jenner via YouTube

When Kylie debuted this segment of Kylie Up Close on her 2016 resolutions, she got a lot of backlash. In the video, she says “I feel like this year is really about, like the year of just realizing stuff, and everyone around me, we’re all just like realizing things.”

Viewers mocked the vague, confusing language the KUWTK star used, and they didn’t hold back.

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3. When she wasn’t ready to move into her new home

Kris and Kylie Jenner
Kylie wasn’t quite ready to leave the nest at this time. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

On this episode of KUWTK, Kylie got a rude awakening from her sisters about the challenges that come along with owning a home.

They asked her things like, “Do you know how to do your own laundry?” and, “Do you know anything about credit?” Unfortunately for Kylie, she answered “no” to each of their questions.

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4. When Kylie got some sisterly advice about dealing with her insecurities

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian sitting on a couch on Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian sitting on a couch on Keeping Up with the Kardashians | E! Entertainment via YouTube

In this episode of KUWTK, Kim obviously wanted to hang out with Kylie with the intent to talk about insecurities. She made a point to tell her little sister about how often she gets insecure, and how she deals with it.

Kylie didn’t seem to want to open up about the topic too much, but later told the camera, “Having older sisters with some of the same insecurities as me helps me a lot and makes me feel like it’s OK.”

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5. When Kylie was upset at Kim for copying her desert photo shoot

Kylie Jenner's desert photo shoot
Kylie Jenner’s desert photo shoot | Kylie Jenner via YouTube

Back in 2015, Kylie did a desert photo shoot with one of her favorite collaborators, Sasha Samsonova. She was pretty happy with the result, until Kim decided to do a desert shoot of her own.

“She just takes everything and does it way cooler,” Kylie complained to sister Kourtney.

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6. “Nobody is staying at my house”

Kylie Jenner attends a gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kylie Jenner wasn’t feeling very hospitable. | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Huffington Post

In this episode of KUWTK, Kim and Kanye need somewhere to stay. Kim throws out the possibility of staying at Kylie’s house (possibly as a joke).

Kylie shot the idea right down, whether it was a joke or not. “I would seriously stab myself,” she said at the suggestion.

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7. Kylie’s reaction to Khloe’s pregnancy announcement

The Kardashian sisters and Kris Jenner Facetime Kylie
The Kardashian sisters and Kris Jenner FaceTime Kylie | Hollywood Life via YouTube

Kylie’s been M.I.A. from the most recent KUWTK season, wanting privacy and tending to her own pregnancy needs, but she made an appearance on the episode where Khloe announced her pregnancy.

She wasn’t technically there, but after the announcement, Khloe called her sister via FaceTime, and a tearful Kylie responded with a heartfelt, “I’m so happy for you.”

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8. She shared the baby’s first name and an image

The first image of Kylie Jenner's daughter
The first image of Kylie Jenner’s daughter | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

While many suspected Jenner would wait until an episode of a Keeping Up with the Kardashians or another media moment in the future to spill more details, she surprised us. The 20-year-old mom took to her Instagram account just two days after confirming her daughter’s birth to share this image.

Accompanied by the simple caption, “stormi webster” and an angel emoji, Jenner appeared to reveal the infant’s name alongside a pic showing part of her face and her tiny hand holding on to her mother’s (perfectly manicured) thumb. It’s simply adorable, but of course, leads to more questions, like “Is ‘Stormi’ short for something?”

Webster is the legal last name of the child’s father, Travis Scott (birth name Jacques Webster).

Additional reporting by Becca Bleznak.

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