Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Friends?

In their 2018 adaptation of A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga stun as Jackson and Ally respectively– a couple who come together because of their love of music and who are crushed under the weight of fame and addiction. The film, which is Cooper’s directorial debut, has gotten critical and box office acclaim and there has been a ton of talk about the Hollywood duo’s insane chemistry.

Are the songstress and the actor friends in real life or are they just putting on an act for the camera?

Are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper friends?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been super close friends since they first met, and their bond only grew after working on A Star Is Born. Gaga told Good Morning America, “We had instant chemistry when I met him. As soon as I opened the door to my house and saw him, it was like, ‘You hungry?’ We’re both Italian and from the East Coast and before I knew it, I was heating up some leftovers for him and we were eating together.”

Friends for life

After Gaga, convinced the Hollywood star to use his real voice to sing in A Star is Born, she earned his trust. The actor/director told People of his friend and co-star, “I made a friend for life. As great as this movie was, the thing that I think I’ll take away forever is the relationship I have with her because she is an incredible person. I’m very lucky to have worked with her.”

Admiration and respect for each other

Since Gaga has never acted and Cooper has never sung professionally, A Star is Born was built on mutual trust and respect for one another. Gaga gushed to Entertainment Weekly saying, “It just has changed me. Watching Bradley work was phenomenal and then having him believe in me — it gave me more ammunition to believe in myself, and I just feel so blessed to have had that experience.”

How did Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga meet?

Bradley Cooper has wanted to do an adaptation of A Star Is Born for many years, but he just hadn’t found the right actress for his directorial debut. That all changed in 2016 when he saw Gaga perform at a charity event. He recalled that the songstress was performing, Édith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose.” It’s the exact same song that Ally sings when Jackson spots her in a drag bar in A Star is Born. The American Sniper actor told The New York Times, “My mind was blown.”

Cooper knew immediately that he wanted to cast Gaga in the film, so the next day he went to her house to convince her to sign on to the project. The rest is history.

The Fame singer told Stephen Colbert, “He came into the home, and I looked into his eyes, and I just felt an instant connection with him. He made me feel so comfortable. The second that I saw him, I was like, Have I known you my whole life? It was an instant connection, instant understanding of one another. ”

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