Is Lady Gaga Getting Back Together With Christian Carino?

Things have been extremely interesting for Lady Gaga’s love life recently. Last year, the songstress broke off her engagement to Christian Carino amid rumors that she was getting cozy with her A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper. However, Gaga was quick to quiet that noise when she hopped into a relationship with sound engineer, Dan Horton.

Unfortunately, things with Horton ended this past summer, with sources close to Gaga saying that he was too immature for her. Now, it appears that The Fame singer is talking to Carino again. Considering how things ended between the pair, fans are concerned.

Here’s what we know.

This is why Lady Gaga and Christian Carino broke up

Gaga first began dating, Carino, a talent agent in February 2017. Though the singer/actress was more low-key about their relationship, Carino posted her all over his social media pages. In October 2018 — Gaga confirmed that she and Carino were engaged. However, just four months later, they had gone their separate ways.

Admittedly there was a ton of hoopla and drama surrounding Gaga and Cooper after A Star is Born debuted. However, the real reason Gaga split with Carino is because their relationship was toxic.  An insider told US Weekly, “He was jealous. He was trying to find her all the time and texted her a lot. Her friends didn’t like him either.”

The last straw for Gaga was when Carino began trying to interfere with her creative process. “She couldn’t risk jeopardizing her career in that way, over a man, and that’s not something she would stand for,” the insider explained.

In the end, Carino allegedly did not treat Gaga well, which is why she put the breaks on their relationship.

Christian Carino wouldn’t stop calling Lady Gaga for months after they broke up

Apparently, the talent agent was not happy about Gaga ending their engagement. So much so that he continued trying to contact her for months afterward. It got to be so bad, that Gaga had to shut him down. A source explained to US Weekly, “She’s been hounded by Christian. She told him not to contact her.”

Thankfully, Carino got the message and began dating, publicist Robin Baum as of August 2019. However, there has now been a massive change in events.

Lady Gaga and Christian Carino are talking again

Since their relationship ended so poorly and Carino is apparently in a whole other relationship, we’re a little confused as to why Gaga has decided to reconnect with him.  “Lady Gaga is talking to Christian again, but as friends,” a source tells Us Weekly. “There is nothing going on there. Gaga is not seriously dating anyone right now.”

Lady Gaga is a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants. However, we’re always nervous when we hear about people who have treated others badly weaseling their way back into their lives.

We just hope that Gaga is able to keep Carino at an arms length and he really doesn’t have an ulterior motive for being friendly with her again.