Lady Gaga Gushes About Bradley Cooper’s ‘Shallow’ Oscars Performance

Fresh off the high of winning the Oscar for Best Original Song and performing a flawless rendition of “Shallow” with her A Star is Born co-star, Lady Gaga had nothing but words of love and appreciation for Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform Shallow at 2019 Oscars.
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper | Ed Herrera via Getty Images

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s had amazing chemistry for their ‘Shallow’ performance

Viewers were blown away by the intimate and touching performance of “Shallow” during the Oscars, with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper showing immense chemistry. At the end, as Cooper came to sit next to Gaga at the piano, the two had an almost romantic moment of closeness as they sang the final words.

This moment only solidified fans’ beliefs that the two should be a couple, despite the fact that Cooper’s girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was in the audience watching and applauding their performance.

Lady Gaga gave a shoutout to Cooper during her acceptance speech

When Lady Gaga took to the stage to accept the Oscar for Best Original Song, of course she had to thank Bradley Cooper. During her emotional acceptance speech, Gaga noted: “Bradley, there is not a single person on the planet that could have sang this song with me but you. Thank you for believing in us.”

She also offered words of inspiration, sharing: “If you are watching this right now, all I have to say is that this is hard work. I’ve worked hard for a long time and it’s not about winning, but what it’s about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. If there’s a discipline for passion, and it’s not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down or you’re beaten up, it’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and you keep on going.”

Lady Gaga gushes over Bradley Cooper’s Oscars vision

Cooper not only directed A Star is Born, he also directed the Oscars performance of “Shallow,” providing a different viewpoint than a typical awards show musical performance. Cooper created a very intimate and much talked about moment with his beautiful vision for the song.

Gaga gushed about Cooper when talking with Good Morning America backstage following her Oscars win. She shared: “I rarely relinquish control and I was like, ‘Bradley, this one’s on you.’ And he had a beautiful vision for what he wanted, and so all of that camera movement and everything that you saw, it was from him.”

She added: “The truth is that this song wouldn’t have won tonight and this song wouldn’t wouldn’t be what it is without him.”

Gaga reiterated what she said about Cooper in her acceptance speech, sharing: “We felt that it would be a great duet and he thought so as well. I sung with a lot of people and I really meant what I said tonight. No one could’ve sang that song but him.”

The details of her speech were a blur, as Gaga admitted, “I don’t remember what I said. It’s a dream sequence and all that you could hope for is that you say something that will reach people — that they will feel inspired because when you win, it’s not about us. It’s about what we can give to the world.”