Lady Gaga Will Be a Perfect Addition to ‘American Horror Story’


With the fourth season of American Horror Story completed, fans now have a really juicy bit of news to look forward to in the fifth installment of the cult hit horror anthology series. Lady Gaga has just come off a successful performance at the Oscars honoring Julie Andrews and the classic musical The Sound of Music, a performance quite different from her shock-pop forte and which showcased the fact that Gaga can actually sing very well. Now riding on that high, the singer has announced in a video posted on Twitter that she’s set to star in the upcoming fifth season of AHS, which is subtitled Hotel.

The new season won’t be premiering until the mood-appropriate month of October, but fans of the singer and the show are already excited over the announcement. Gaga doesn’t have a lot of traditional acting experience under her belt, with only a small credit in last year’s Sin City 2 on her résumé, but the singer’s videos and performance aesthetic are in line with the campy-creepy vibe that AHS creator Ryan Murphy has honed on the show. Even if Gaga doesn’t prove herself to be a genius actress, in a show like AHS, committing to the weird aesthetic is almost more necessary than giving a nuanced or well-acted performance. If anyone knows how to embrace the weird, it’s Lady Gaga.

No other cast members have yet been announced for the fifth season, which will likely take place at a scary haunted hotel inspired at least in part by Hitchcock’s classic Psycho. It’s assumed that multiple members of the AHS family can be counted on to return for Season 5, though it’s not yet certain exactly who.

According to a report from Deadline, show star Jessica Lange has previously said she would leave after completing Season 4, but she left the door partway open to coming back depending on who her character would be. American Horror Story without Lange at its center would certainly be a different show, even if multiple other members of the talented cast return.

Last season was called Freak Show and took place at one of the last remaining freak shows in the country in 1950s Florida. Lange played the proprietor, Kathy Bates played a bearded lady, Sarah Paulson played a woman with two heads, and Emma Roberts played a fortune teller con artist among the various freaks who populated the show. A killer clown provided the terror. The season got favorable reviews, with a 69 Metascore on review aggregator Metacritic, with Paulson’s acting as Siamese twins praised in particular.

Paulson is moving on to the AHS spinoff American Crime Story, and it’s uncertain if that will affect her participation in AHS Season 5. Roberts is also moving on to another Murphy show, Scream Queens, and this might affect her chances of appearing in Hotel, as well. Fans can only hope that other repeat members of the cast — including Angela Basset, Evan Peters, Gabourey Sidibe, Lily Rabe, and Taissa Farmiga — will join Lady Gaga on Season 5 and return for more thrills.

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