Lady Gaga’s Daily Routine and How She’s Already Preparing for the 2019 Academy Awards

From her outlandish style to her incredible music, we’ve been watching Lada Gaga for years. And though she seemingly made the most controversy in the beginning of her career, in more recent years, fans have been continually impressed by her growing singing chops and ability to be vulnerable with her fan base. Now, in 2019, Gaga is getting more attention than ever — and that’s because of her incredible performance alongside Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born.

Wondering how the singer, and now actress, gets ready for the day? Here’s what her routine looks like — and some inside scoop on how she’s getting ready for the Academy Awards.

Lady Gaga’s day begins with her Pilates routine or yoga

At 32 years old, there’s no doubt Gaga is in incredible shape — and to keep up with her rigorous schedule and extremely physical tours, she makes sure to work some physical activity into her daily life. That doesn’t mean Gaga goes nuts over cardio, however. While PopSugar reminds us we’ve seen the singer try out TRX bands and bodyweight exercises, she’s definitely a stickler for yoga, especially Bikram or vinyasa.

Back in 2015, Daily Mail reminds us Gaga also shared a photo of her on her Pilates reformer early on in the day. The photo included the caption, “Another morning of Pilates and rock n roll with my trainer!! Body by @sloaner7 Dear Sloan, thank you for believing in me and being my health rock. You’re the best I couldn’t do it without you!”

She applies facelift tape to change up her facial structure

We’ve seen Gaga’s style go from outlandish to relaxed in more recent years, and there are certainly plenty of studio days where she doesn’t engage with makeup at all. She has spoken in the past about her love of facelift tape, however, and it seems like it’s definitely one of her beauty staples. According to Daily Mirror, Gaga likes to use face tape to pull the skin to be tighter around her cheekbones and neck. “When I have my wig cap on and I’m taping my face, it’s sort of a meditation for me. Every day, it starts the same way,” the singer said. “… I ask, ‘How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?'”

She’s also been known to bleach her eyebrows

Aside from facelift tape, it seems Gaga also has another personal style preference she attends to her every morning — and that’s bleaching her eyebrows. Hello! reports Gaga told Vogue, “I bleach my eyebrows every day. I like to keep them light. They’re more versatile for a beauty look. You can draw [your eyebrows] any way you want when they’re bleached.”

It appears Gaga’s eyebrows are looking quite dark these days, so we’re not sure if she’s still bleaching them and drawing them on or if she’ll let them go natural for the Academy Awards. We’ll also have to see if she chooses to cover up her tattoos for the big awards show or not, as she’s been known to do so in the past.

Gaga has her personal chef prepare her nutritious meals

Aside from getting her daily exercise in, Gaga’s nutrition is ultra important, and she sticks with nutritious meals while she’s on and off tour. Self talked to Gaga’s longtime friend and tour chef, Bo O’Connor, about what the superstar loves to eat — and O’Connor explained she likes to prepare meals that are packed with nutrition and filling to keep Gaga going all day long. A typical meal would include quinoa, with beans, veggies, and shrimp, for example. And if the singer wanted something akin to a cheat meal, O’Connor explained she would prepare her a turkey burger and homemade sweet potato fries instead of fast food.

She’s gearing up for the Academy Awards with a performance of ‘Shallow’

Gaga and Bradley Cooper made an unexpected splash this year with A Star Is Born, so her rewards show prep is going to be different this time around. People reports it’s expected that their song from the movie, “Shallow,” will at least get an Oscar nod for Best Original Song — and many others believe it will certainly win the award. And Gaga confirmed that if the song does get nominated, she and Cooper will perform it at the Academy Awards.

People reports Cooper told Variety, “I started texting her the whole pitch of how we should do it. So we’ll see. There might be a cool, unorthodox way we could perform it.” And while it might be Cooper’s first time performing a song on the Academy Awards stage, it’s not Gaga’s. We’ll never forget when she sang “Til It Happens to You” from The Hunting Ground when it was nominated in 2016.

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