Lady Gaga’s Makeup-Free Instagram Selfie Proves She’ll Look Stunning in Every Photo

Lady Gaga is without a doubt not only one of the greatest stars of our time, but she’s a veritable chameleon. Her style and overall look over the years have been constantly evolving and changing to suit her not only her mood but her artistic expression and even political stances.

Recently she shared an image on Instagram with no makeup and bleached eyebrows that shows us once again, that she can pull off any look she wants.

Fans went nuts for Lady Gaga’s makeup-free selfie

Lady Gaga at the Met Gala
Lady Gaga | John Lamparski/Getty Images

Gaga’s Instagram is something to behold. Scrolling through her feed, there are dozens of shiny images, Gaga fully dolled up with one elaborate outfit after another, and professional makeup galore. The star doesn’t just stick to this glossed up pop persona, however, and there are some photos that have a much more personal feel. 

Just last week, Gaga posted a simple selfie at a sushi restaurant, just wearing a sweatshirt with her hair up in a scrunchie and minimal makeup, and fans adored it.

The image got over 1.6 million likes and strings of comments, many of which featured heart emojis or the words “I love you.” One commenter wrote: “Like why is she so perfect.”

Her bleached eyebrows were a look that came and went for the star in a matter of days. She is now back to her darker brows, but the bleached brows certainly made a splash in their brief appearance and got people talking.

Lady Gaga’s Instagram post spread to Twitter and the media

Gaga’s sushi selfie, and the few shots with her eyebrows bleached around that time, got lots of attention from the media and Twitter users, with some commenters taking their Gaga love to hilarious extremes.

“Gaga with bleached eyebrows could pour little drops of hot sauce in my eyes and spit on me and i’d say ‘thank you,'” one user wrote.

Another user shared images of Gaga’s recent photoshoot featuring her bleached brows and commented: “Gaga is one of the few who can look gorgeous with bleached eyebrows and serve a look by just sitting.”

E! News even posted, “Lady Gaga just gave us a million reasons to try the no-eyebrow trend,” to which one user quickly put the publication in its place writing: “Gaga’s been doing bleached eyebrows since her early years in her career. So yeah. Don’t even compare her to a make-up guru.”

Her fans, lovingly called Monsters, will take no bull when it comes to Gaga. 

Lady Gaga can look good in (almost) anything

Though Gaga often prefers a more stripped-down look these days, she has certainly worn her share of odd and outrageous outfits, especially early on in her career. From extreme amounts of glitter, to fully face blocking headdresses, to strong religious imagery, Gaga loved to push the boundaries of fashion and form in her public appearances and performances.

Many fans and critics alike remember Gaga’s infamous meat dress from the VMAs. Like the dress or not, Gaga still looked fabulous, at least if you ignored the meat. She even looks great in the many photos of her taking her ice baths, a routine she sticks to after each show to help combat some of her chronic health issues.

So has Gaga ever sported a look that just didn’t fly? Well, a certain 2011 interview with Jay Leno cannot be ignored. Gaga appeared in a gothic look with a black dress and black veil over her hair.

The look would have been fine on its own, even the mask that she briefly wore had a certain charm, but when she took off the mask, she revealed her face with prosthetic horns and jutting cheeks and it brought the whole ensemble to a point of being downright spooky.

It can only be assumed she was going for just that, but the fact remains it wasn’t a winner, and sitting next to a vibrant Sofia Vergara, certainly didn’t help.

That look just goes to show that less is more and that no makeup is certainly better than bad makeup.