Lake Bell Reveals What’s Coming on ‘Bless This Mess’ Season 2

Bless This Mess got off to a solid start last season with a six episode season. Lake Bell and Dax Shepard are back for 13 more in season 2. Rio (Bell) and Mike (Shepard) are still trying to make their quiet life work in Nebraska. They’re still city slickers as they enter season 2.

Lake Bell | David Livingston/Getty Images

Lake Bell spoke with the Television Critics Association in July about what’s coming up for season 2 of Bless This Mess. Bless This Mess returns tonight and airs every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

The comedy will be bigger on ‘Bless This Mess’ season 2

Lake Bell and Dax Shepard are funny people on their own, and they’re surrounded by other funny people like David Koechner, Lennon Parham, Ed Begley, Jr. and Pam Grier, plus guest stars like Susie Essman. Season 2 of Bless This Mess will also have big physical comedy surrounding the house and farm.

Lake Bell and Dax Shepard in Bless This Mess | John Fleenor via Getty Images

“There are opportunities for large comedic set pieces, which is quite rare, I think, in sort of the landscape of comedy right now,” Bell said. “We’ve had a lot of fun in thinking about the kind of money pit house, the house being an issue and sort of opportunities in and around that. Also with the animals and everything.”

Lake Bell got friendly with a cow on ‘Bless This Mess’

The animals on the farm are comedians too. One particular cow was a big fan of Lake Bell’s. He must have seen her on Childrens Hospital or Wet Hot American Summer.

Lake Bell on the farm
Lake Bell on the farm | David Livingston/Getty Images

“There was one of the cows who took to me in a way I didn’t know that cows could show their love in a licking fashion,” Bell said. “Whatever. I think more animals, the better is kind of what I’ve instructed. So buckle up for that business. It’s just a lot of feed.”

The world of ‘Bless This Mess’ expands

There’s more than just the fixer upper house on season 2 of Bless This Mess. They’ve built a set so Mike and Rio can go into town.

Lake Bell in Bless This Mess
Lake Bell in Bless This Mess | John Fleenor via Getty Images

“This season, we’re really lucky that we got to we have our Main Street, which is so idyllic and beautiful, where Connie’s general store is,” Bell said. “So we’ve sort of built that out more and that offers another sort of incredible, fruitful set. It’s a set, but we have built more structure so it really will feel [real].”

Lake Bell is directing ‘Bless This Mess’ again

Lake Bell directed the very first episode of the show. She’s back to direct the season premiere. 

“I’m going to be directing the season premiere which I think kind of sets us on a tone and then we thrust forward,” Bell said. “We have a new DP. We have some new department heads based on availability and what not so I feel like it’s important to start the season making sure that all of our creative teammates are on the same field. That’s important.”

Lake Bell in Bless This Mess
Lake Bell in Bless This Mess | Tony Rivetti via Getty Images

Once the season gets going, it becomes a little too hard for Bell to take time out of acting and real life to direct a midseason episode.

“Midseason is a little bit harder for me,” Bell said. “We will have little hiatuses but just with the momming and stuff like that [I can’t direct].”