Lala Kent From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reignites 50 Cent Feud After ‘WWHL’ Appearance

Lala Kent is feuding with 50 Cent again and it was all after her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. The Vanderpump Rules star appeared on the late-night show with Andy Cohen and was asked about her infamous dispute with the rapper and her man Randall Emmett. Things got out of hand after and the receipts are showing up.

Lala Kent and 50 Cent
Lala Kent and 50 Cent | Raymond Hall/GC Images / Johnny Nunez/WireImage

What did Lala Kent say about 50 Cent?

You may recall the Instagram feud that involved 50 Cent and Emmett over money that the latter owed the former. The word exchange got ugly with posts back and forth until Kent’s man finally paid the $1 million he owed.

With Kent appearing on Cohen’s talk show, she was asked about the digital brawl and if it was something she had let go.

“I mean, I listened to ‘In Da Club’ on my birthday, so that was pretty lit,” she admitted.

Cohen also asked why Kent had deleted all the photos of her and Emmett at the time.

“You know, I feel really badly for Rand at times because he signed up to be a movie producer, and he just happened to fall for someone who’s like very out there and outspoken,” Kent answered. “So in the moment, I was like, ‘F this, I’m not having pictures up for people to screenshot and send to me and write mean things.’ It was just the heat of the moment.”

Kent then claimed to have receipts that proved she really hurt the rapper.

“I think I really dinged Fofty’s ego. In fact, I know that because I have a receipt to prove that, which I would never post because I ain’t that girl. I ain’t beefing unless I’m gettin’ paid on Vanderpump, yo,” she added.

The SUR hostess said she was proud of getting under 50 Cent’s skin joking: “I am from Utah and to think it’s like Tupac and Biggie, Lala and Fifty… Like, what up though?”

50 Cent fires back

Following Kent’s claims, 50 Cent began attacking her on Instagram in an effort to maybe hurt her ego as well.

“What’s wrong with this h**?” he posed the question while sharing a screenshot of an article with Kent’s affirmations. “Now don’t say she didn’t ask for it when I start tripping.”

In a second post, the rapper shared an Instagram post from Us Weekly that claimed Kent was not sober during a trip with her fiancé to Disney World.

“Oh, this b**** be drunk [four] days straight. She must just be on some drunk h***, I don’t remember type sh**,” he wrote.

In a third post, 50 Cent shared a photo of Kent and Emmett in bed and imagined what their conversation was like.

“[Randall]: ‘I’m sorry Fofty, this b**** is drunk and high. I told her, put that damn phone down, she don’t listen.’ 50: ‘Shut the f*** up Randall,'” 50 wrote.

In a fourth and final post, 50 body-shamed Emmett by sharing a photo and circling his neck in red.

“The f*** is wrong with your neck, buck?” the rapper captioned.

Lala Kent also talked wedding details

Kent’s appearance on WWHL was not all negative as she also gave details about her upcoming wedding to Emmett. The first tidbit she revealed was that the wedding would no longer be in Miami as she originally announced.

“We switched to Newport Beach,” she said. “The weather in Miami is too volatile. And my dad loves Newport — or, loved Newport — so it just sat well with me.”

Although Kent had previously stated she wouldn’t want to televise her nuptials to her fiancé, she is having second thoughts now.

“I like to hold things close to my heart, but I’m not gonna cancel anything out. Whatever happens, happens,” she added.

One thing that is definite is that Kent and Emmett will be signing a prenup.