Lamar Odom Calls Romance with Sabrina Parr ‘The Most Serious and Committed Relationship’ He’s Ever Been In

Lamar Odom definitely isn’t sugarcoating his love for Sabrina Parr.

The NBA player has been open about his romance with the health and fitness coach these last few months and recently made it very clear just how serious he is about their relationship.

Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom | Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images

How did Odom and Parr meet?

It’s been close to three months since Lamar Odom started dating Sabrina Parr and he couldn’t be more in love.

The couple were first spotted together in early August, while on a romantic Chipotle date in Atlanta. Onlookers captured the two in a passionate embrace outside of the food chain.

While it still remains unclear how the pair initially met, we can easily assume that it didn’t take long for them to fall hard for one another.

Just a few short days after they were caught packing on the PDA, Odom and Parr made their relationship Instagram official.

The NBA player posted a beautiful snapshot of them posing together, with Parr sitting on his lap.

He captioned the photo, “What we have is much more than they can see…” 

Since then, Odom hasn’t shied away from showing off his and Parr’s relationship on social media.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant frequently posts photos of him and his lady together, showing fans just he cherishes their romance.

The couple couldn’t be happier together

There is no question that Odom is in love with Parr.

So much so that and he recently penned an ode to his leading lady while opening up about their romance in an Instagram post.

“The look on @getuptoparr face is how she makes me feel [every day],” the athlete caption the photo, which he shared on October 24. “Outside of my daughter, this is the most serious and committed relationship I’ve ever been in with a woman.”

Odom then made it clear that he is tired of people bringing up his past relationships and just wants to focus on what he currently has with Parr.

“I’m tired of people asking me questions about my exes based on old interviews and old comments!” he continued. “I said what I said then based on where I was in life at that time. I was young, wasn’t sober and going through a lot. All of that is different now. I’m at where I want to be at!”

After sharing his post, Parr couldn’t help but share her adoration for her man and his words.

“You’ve proven all you needed to prove to be, baby! I know the truth and what’s real and so does everyone around us,” she commented. “If I’m good then we good. That’s it! Now hurry back from Montreal because I miss you.” 

Odom recently confessed to seeing a future with Parr

Although Odom and Parr are still in the early stages of their relationship, that hasn’t stopped him from picturing their future together.

Shortly after he was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, Odom took to Instagram to share just how serious he is about his girlfriend.

“I just want to publicly thank Baby Doll @getuptoparr for coming to LA supporting me to the fullest with my DWTS run. What she does for me and everyone around her is so impressive. I’m not sure how she gets all this stuff done but she does it,” he wrote. “I love this woman! Our bond is strong and getting stronger by the minute! I’m trying to build up the courage to make her Mrs. Parr-Odom !!!!!!”