Lana Del Rey Draws Criticism for Wearing a Mesh-Like Face Mask Around Fans

On Oct. 2, singer Lana Del Rey announced she would be holding a book signing for her poetry book Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles. Del Rey announced the book signing in a video on Instagram. On social media, fans condemned Del Rey for wearing a mask that did not properly protect others amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey | Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Lana Del Rey wore a mesh-like mask

Del Rey streamed an IGTV video on Instagram announcing the book signing. In the video, she wore a mesh-like fishnet mask.

“All right guys so I told you I’m doing a little book signing and we are at the Barnes & Noble in The Grove,” she said in the Instagram video. “It’s first come, first served, one book per person, and I just cannot wait to see you guys.”

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Del Rey later posted an image from the book signing on Instagram, showing that she continued to wear the metallic fishnet mask. On the social media platform, Instagram users flooded the comments of Del Rey’s posts about the book signing asking for her to address her mask choice.

Fans are disappointed with Lana Del Rey

After the event, Del Rey trended on Twitter due to the mask she chose to wear. Fans criticized Del Rey on social media for wearing a mask that does little to stop the spread of the coronavirus, possibly putting anyone who attended the book signing at risk.

“UGH. She is stressing me out. I keep reading comments on Instagram that say she has a plastic filter underneath the mesh, but I seriously doubt that. When she pulled it down during the reading, it didn’t look stiff like plastic would. Plastic filter or not, it is so irresponsible for someone as influential as her to wear a mask like this in public,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

“I’ve been a fan for so many years that I don’t think I could ever stop. Her music is ingrained into my being. Which makes this such a huge disappointment. It really gets exhausting and quite frankly a little bit embarrassing being such a huge fan of hers… I honestly miss when we didn’t know much about her except through her music. She may as well not even be wearing a mask. This one isn’t protecting anyone…,” another fan wrote on Reddit.

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The mask choice follows another controversy

Earlier this year, Del Rey caused controversy on Instagram after she posted that she should be able to write songs about being submissive. She claimed other women in music, including women of color, were able to write about what they wanted without being criticized. After being called racist for her post, Del Rey doubled down on her views. Now with the mask controversy, some fans are having trouble supporting Del Rey.

“She literally wore a transparent mask on her interview cover and said ‘Wear a mask, just, you know, not this one.’ She needs to take her own advice. Her ignorance about covid just adds to all the out of line things she’s done this year (literally thinking feminism doesn’t have a place for submissive, white women and that it’s boring). I love her music too but her personality is a bit… yikes,” wrote a Reddit user.

“…Lana’s said some questionable stuff this year, but this one hurts. I hope she improves herself, as this isn’t good for her image or the health of those around her at all,” a Reddit user wrote.