Lance Bass Dishes on ‘It’s Gonna Be May,’ Ariana Grande and Thrilling New Projects

Lance Bass from iconic boyband ‘NSync is a “May” kind of guy. The multi-talented musician and filmmaker prepares himself every April 30 for the blast of “It’s Gonna Be May” memes, followed by “‘Nsync-O-De Mayo” celebrations. Not to mention his birthday.

This May also seems like a good time for Bass to reflect and bask in the number of exciting successes he’s recently experienced. He’s hot off ‘NSync’s thrilling appearance with Ariana Grande at Coachella. Plus his film The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story, which debuted at South by Southwest in March, is being met with critical acclaim.

Lance Bass |Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Bass chatted with The Cheat Sheet about the huge resurgence ‘NSync is experiencing and what it was like to perform at Coachella, and then spilled a little tea on upcoming projects. He also takes us back to how the groundbreaking “It’s Gonna Be May” meme was born.

The meme that keeps on giving

Bass laughs about how “It’s Gonna Be May” originated. “When we recorded the song, we worked with Max Martin who we’ve worked with several times before that,” he recalls. “In the studio, Justin [Timberlake] was singing and Max was like, ‘What about making it sound more like it’s gonna be May?’ And it kinda just stuck.”

He never knew 20 years later it would be a huge meme, he adds. “Because we didn’t know what a meme was at that time,” he laughs. Bass says he’s seen a few variations including the most noteworthy one of Timberlake. “With his nice curly hair,” Bass jokes. “That picture will haunt him forever.”

Bass and bandmate Joey Fatone are sprinkling even more spice on the meme with their Maytag partnership. The Maytag meme and video springboards off of “It’s Gonna Be May” with “It’s Gonna Be Maytag.” The campaign reminds consumers they can score a rebate of up to $700 off Maytag appliances. Instead of Timberlake, the meme and video features the recognizable Maytag Man.

It’s Gonna Be May | Maytag

Coachella was a unique opportunity

Bass recently shared a small behind-the-scenes taste of what rehearsals were like with Ariana Grande. He says Grande reached out to ‘NSync to make her Coachella performance even more special. “She was putting her Coachella set together and she wanted her biggest influence to do something with her,” Bass remarks. “‘NSync was her favorite thing growing up starting when she was three years old.”

He adds she shared an adorable video of a three-year-old Grande learning the “Tearin’ Up My Heart” choreography. “So to see that full circle, on stage, with her headlining Coachella, had to have been an incredible moment for her.” Bass gushed about how well the musicians meshed too. “She’s a super sweetheart and when she called, of course, we all said yes. It just made sense.”

Performing was incredible even after all these years, he adds. “Especially with those guys and to be able to do it with someone like Ariana, it was so different. We’d never done it with four guys before, with Justin not being able to be there. But Ariana filled in perfectly and it was really fun to hear a female voice with all of our harmonies.” While nothing concrete is in the works, Bass says a number of offers are being thrown the band’s way for more music after the Coachella performance. He says fans should stay tuned.

He also spilled some tea about upcoming projects

On the heels of his success with The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story, Bass is now able to move forward with some exciting projects he’s had brewing for years. “It’s weird, I started with film right when ‘NSync was ending,” he says. “I started producing film and I loved it, it was my passion.” But he says life took him on a detour and he found he wasn’t really able to produce the films that truly spoke to him.

He moved into doing more television but working in film was never far from his soul. “With this documentary, it’s brought me back to my love of making films,” he says. With the widespread reception of the new documentary, Bass says the door opened for three important projects he’s tried to get off the ground for 15 years.

Bass revealed that his passion is writing for film, so he prefers to work on scripts. “I love writing music but writing film and television has definitely been the easiest for me, so I’m just going to follow that passion,” he says. While Bass couldn’t give details on the projects he did spill a little tea.

He revealed that he likes to write about an event or occurrence rooted in truth.”One is a biopic, which I’m super excited about and I’ve always wanted to do,” he dishes. “Another one is based on a true story that happened on the road with ‘NSync where these two girls oddly hatched a plan to win a Winnebago on The Price is Right to be able to follow us on tour. And it happened just like they planned.”

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