What Is Gabrielle Union & Jessica Alba’s New Show ‘LA’s Finest’ About?

Get ready for what’s bound to become your favorite police procedural. L.A.’s Finest stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, along with an incredible supporting cast, as two Los Angeles detectives who often clash, but begin to find common ground as partners. The series, which is exclusively available to Spectrum customers, features Union as a character you already know. Here’s what you should know about the series.

Jessica Alba (L) and Gabrielle Union (R) arrive for the red carpet event of Spectrum Originals' new drama L.A.'s Finest on May 10, 2019.
Jessica Alba (L) and Gabrielle Union (R) arrive for the red carpet event of Spectrum Originals’ new drama L.A.’s Finest on May 10, 2019. | Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

It’s set in the same world as the Bad Boys films

The movies Bad Boys and Bad Boys II star Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as Miami Police Department detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, respectively. In the second film, we met Marcus’ sister, Syd, played by Union, an undercover DEA agent who is dating Mike. Union’s role is an important one in the flick, but ultimately, she’s the catalyst for the male detectives’ actions, after she’s kidnapped and held for ransom.

But in L.A.’s Finest, Syd becomes to hero at the center of it all, and though the pilot features a couple of callbacks to the movie, it’s meant to stand on its own. “They have their own mythology, their own storyline(s), and their own mystery that runs sort of parallel,” said Union of her and Alba’s characters at an event at The Wing in Los Angeles.

Here’s how Alba came onto the project

Union was always attached, given that it was a spinoff for her character. But they knew they wanted to do something different than the usual procedural duos. “We still give you action, we still give you comedy, we still give you a little bit of ‘sexy time.’ It’s two women kicking ass and, for me, when I get a seat at the table, I don’t want to be there by myself,” Union said.

“They started suggesting different people, [and] the only person that was on everyone’s list was Jessica Alba. There is one Jessica Alba: Badass action star, huge life, incredible company, dope woman,” she said of her friend and co-star. “What’s better than one black woman? A black woman and a Latina kicking ass.”

How they incorporate themselves and the city into the show

Given the title of the series, it makes sense that there’s a focus on the city of Los Angeles. Union’s character is a transplant, but Alba, who herself grew up in the area, remarks on the choice to layer the cultural aspects of the city into the series.

“I think it’s important that you see different kinds of people,” she said. “There are all different shades and all different cultures you see in this show because we wanted LA to come to life in a real way. We go and explore neighborhoods like Boyle Heights and Highland Park.”

Alba’s character even speaks Spanish at one point, though this isn’t particularly reflective of the actress’ experience. “I really wish I knew how to speak Spanish,” she said. “I’m third-generation American-Mexican. I grew up with the Mexican culture, but they didn’t really speak Spanish in my house like they should have.”

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