‘Last Man Standing’ Didn’t Get Canceled — But There Will Be a Major Change in 2019

Last Man Standing has a complicated history. The comedy originally aired on ABC but was canceled after six seasons despite high ratings. Fans of the show immediately jumped to blame the network for discrimination against Tim Allen, who has conservative political views in a staunchly liberal atmosphere.

Whether or not politics had anything to do with it will probably remain a mystery. But thankfully for fans of the show, Last Man Standing lived to see another day when it was picked up by Fox. The decision to resurrect the comedy paid off in the form of excellent ratings ever since. Fox’s President of Entertainment Michael Throne recently congratulated the cast on their 150th episode, calling the show “one of television’s most popular comedies.”

But now that the new lineup was announced, will Last Man Standing remain standing?

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

What happened in the last season of ‘Last Man Standing’?

At the end of Season 7, Mandy and Kyle moved into their new apartment despite reservations about their shared future. Mike issued the couple an ultimatum, which didn’t go over well with Kyle. By the end of the episode, however, the men bonded over a waffle make that belonged to Mr. B’s deceased father. It was emotional and poignant with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

The final episode brought a successful season to a close and the cast was very happy with how everything had turned out during their first year on a new network. As executive producer Kevin Abott explained, “I do think that there’s a subtle quality that translates itself to the screen when the people doing it are really enjoying themselves. And this was just a delightful season, and I think that’s very rare to say about a seventh season of a show, because it gets harder.”

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing | Byron Cohen/ABC via Getty Images

Will ‘Last Man Standing’ come back in the fall?

The one big change for fall is that Last Man Standing won’t be returning to Friday nights as that spot is reserved for WWE’s Smackdown Live. However, that’s no reason for fans of the show to get discouraged.

The network confirmed that Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing would return in the fall of 2019, but a specific day and time slot hasn’t been announced yet.

“[In the] short-term, Friday night is going to WWE,” FOX Entertainment chief Charlie Collier explained to reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “We’ll look to stand [Last Man Standing] up on another night.”

Why is ‘Last Man Standing’ moving to a new night?

The main reason for the shakeup is the overarching goals at Fox, which include introducing a new genre of show into their lineup.

“We set some comedy goals, one of which was ramping up our animation lineup; that was our No. 1 comedy target,” Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn said while naming three new animated series on the fall schedule. They also mentioned wanting to pair the show with a worthy complement.

No matter where Last Man Standing winds up, we can’t wait to watch!